Effortlessly chic is something that I am to look daily.   In that I mean, I don’t want to look like I’ve scoured my wardrobe for hours to find just the right outfit.  However, instead, I want to give the impression that I’ve just thrown on these amazing pieces and headed out the door to start my fabulous life.  Whether or not you can have actually created your outfit in that way may or may not be the truth.  That being said, the more you create outfits with certain “rules” in mind, the quicker it does get!  Below are my ten tips for becoming effortlessly chic:

1.  Embrace Classic Silhouettes.

In short, classic silhouettes always look chic.  Whether it is a great pair of skinny jeans, an adorable pair of ballet flats, the perfect white tee, or the best black blazer classics silhouettes such as these will ALWAYS lean towards an effortlessly chic outfit.  These kind of silhouettes allow many pieces to mix and match quickly and with great easy during a hectic morning.  This outfit encompasses all of the aforementioned basic classic silhouettes.

2.  Layer.

Become a master layerer.  Layering invites so many new wardrobe possibilities.  Know such things as that by simply layering a simple white tee with a cardigan &/or blazer you automatically have greater chicness.  Also be open to more complex layering possibilities such as layering a cable knit sweater atop a dress to give you greater wardrobe impact.

3.  Natural Yet Groomed Hair & Makeup.

Nothing cements what articles of clothing you choose to adorn your body with more than your hair and makeup style.  In general, in order to achieve a chic vibe, go for classic yet simple hair and makeup.  On a day to day basis, extreme hair and makeup takes away from your outfit.  However, zero effort downgrades your entire look.  Spend a few minutes each morning giving yourself a hint of glamour.

4.  Keep It Simple.

You may be tempted to pile on all of the jewelry in your jewelry box and a fur stole, vibrant lipstick, and crystal encrusted shoes at the same time.  Don’t.  Instead of looking fancy…you look overdone.  Remember that less is most often more.  A good rule of thumb is to take off one item before leaving the house.  If I’m ever unsure as to whether or not I should add something (such as a sparkly brooch or an added bangle), I typically opt not to.  Less typically implies greater chicness.

5.  Pay Attention To Fit.

Fit is everything.  Take garments that don’t fit perfectly to the tailor and have them adjusted.  If you know you won’t make it to the tailor, don’t purchase it.  A great blazer could cost thousands, however, if it doesn’t fit appropriately, it looks cheap.  Whereas, an inexpensive blazer that fits you perfectly (be it off the rack or by being altered by your tailor) looks expensive.  Always always always pay attention to fit.

6.  Drape Your Jackets.

A jacket draped over your shoulders screams chic.  If you find yourself too warm to have your arms through the sleeves of your blazer, this is a great option.  Draped jackets instantly give that “model off duty” vibe.

7.  Limit Your Color Palette.

A good rule of thumb is to stick to three colors/prints (or less) in an outfit.  The ability to look purposefully mixed and matched is much easier when the color palette is limited to three.  With the usage of three colors or less, everything looks a little more intentional and purposeful rather than thrown together at 6am because you were rushing out the door on the way to work.

8.  Know What You Love.

Only by items that you love.  Your face and body language shows when you aren’t comfortable wearing an item.  Always dress for you.  Dress in what makes you happy.  After all, confidence is the greatest part of your wardrobe.

9.  Purchase Timeless Pieces.

I’ll let you in on a secret.  I really don’t do trendy items.  You wear them a few times, you blink and they are out of style.  I tend to opt for timeless pieces and mix them to create something fresh.  That’s not to say don’t buy the trends.  Trends can be incredibly fun.  However, ensure that your wardrobe contains timeless pieces to pair them with in order to look chic while wearing these trends.

10.  Pick One Statement Piece.

Pick one piece of your outfit that is attention getting and keep everything else simple.  In this outfit, the scarf is the star of the show.  Everything around it is subdued and doesn’t compete for attention.  One statement piece allows for a look that feel effortless, chic and purposeful in its creation.

|  Blazer:  Revolve (Fit:  True to Size; I’m in an xs)  |  Stole:  Banana Republic  |  Denim:  Joes  |  Belt:  Louis Vuitton  |  Flats:  Chanel (less expensive similar version here; I own & love these)  |  Handbag:  Louis Vuitton  |

Thanks so much for reading!  What are some of your favorite ways to look effortlessly chic?

Before, I leave you, I have to mention that today is the very first day of me not shopping for one year.  ***GULP**** I’m hoping I’ll make it in accordance with the rules I’ve set for myself.  I’m nervous but so very excited!  So here we go, Day 1/365 is marked off the list!  Read this post for more information!




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