Rainy weather seems as though it’s here to stay in California.  I have officially worn my wellies more days in the past three weeks than I have in three years.  While initially, we just want nothing more than to hole up at home under the covers with a delectable cup of hot coffee & a good book, we must keep living life and going to work.  Rain can be difficult to dress for as there are so many extra things that must be considered as we form the outfits for a downpour.  That being said, rainy weather should never keep you for being stylish.  In fact, some of the my favorite outfits are created based off of the notion that I must dress for the rain.  Here are ten tips for making getting dressed for a rainy day a complete breeze:

1.  Invest in a Classic Trench.

You seriously cannot go wrong.  The trench is the perfect outfit staple for rainy weather (and sunny skies, in my opinion). This coat will be your ally for YEARS to come.  I’ve had mine for about three years now and I wear it all the time.  It’s completely timeless.  Assuming I’ll still fit in it, I will still be wearing this ten years from now.  Whether you choose to go luxe (a la Burberry) or something a little more high street, you won’t regret your purchase!

2.  Wear Something That Won’t Drag On The Ground.

Skirts and dresses are my favorite on rainy days.  The don’t come anywhere near touching the ground & I never have to wait for soaked clothes to dry so my legs actually stay fairly warm (only a very small percentage of them is exposed during the rain).  I typically pair chunky knee high boot socks with them.  I adore the look of them peaking over the top of my boots!  I actually wore them with this outfit here but forgot to pack them when we shot this one.  This combo is hands down a winner over long pants that seem to instantly mop up all of the water while you walk.

3.  Keep your Feet Warm!

Wellies are an amazing pick for rainy days!  With the addition of thick socks, your toes stay nice and toasty.  If wellies aren’t your style, duck boots or rain chelsea boots are a great alternative.  They all look super adorable with skirts, dresses and skinnies alike!


4.  Add a Fun Piece of Personality.

Every dreary day outfit needs a piece of flare to brighten up the look.  My favorite way to add a little happiness and personality to my outfits is with a fur stole.  This piece should be something that becomes the focal point of your look.  On rainy days, a scarf or bright wellies in a fun texture or bold color are an excellent way to infuse this touch of personality!

5.  Wear Your Hair in a Bun.

Buns are the best hairstyle during a rainy day.  A messy sock bun looks so chic and pulled together without really having to try to hard.  Truth be told, we shot several outfits this day.  However, when I wore this look in real life, my hair went up into a bun!  I felt as though it exuded Audrey Hepburn elegance when my hair was like that!  Trust me, nothing is worse than spending time on your hair only to have the rain make you look like a drowned rat within minutes.  Buns always look chic even when caught in a thunderstorm.

6.  Black is Your Friend.

Black always looks chic no matter what the weather.  In that I mean, light colors  can sometimes be difficult to wear in the rain.  Light colors not only have the potential to be ruined in the rain but they also show every raindrop.  Dark fabrics hide raindrops while they dry making you look chic even if you’ve been caught in the rain for longer than you’d anticipated.  Just in case your wondering, yes it is okay to wear this white dress in the rain.  When it starts raining, I simply button up and tie my trench covering it up with ease!

7.  Evaluate Fabrics Choices.

Avoid silky delicate fabrics in the rain as they have the strong possibility of getting ruined easily.  Instead, opt for sturdier fabrics as you won’t have to worry!  In addition, when it’s pouring out, stay away from suede and leather.  Be sure to swap out your leather bag for a water resistant coated canvas tote, patent leather bag, or other water resistant bag.   When I wore this outfit in real life, I wore it with my Goyard tote as its a lot more practical than this leather hand to have in the rain.

8.  Accessorize With Your Umbrella.

Pick an umbrella you adore.  Make it coordinate with your outfit.  A simple patterned one in a neutral color would go with most outfits.  In addition, a solid bright colored umbrella would really add some pizzaz to your ensemble.

9.  Add a Hat.

A wide brimmed hat will help to shield your locks from the rain and add a stylish edge to your look in the process.  If wide brimmed hats aren’t your think, a knit beanie in a neutral color is sure to be your rainy day friend!

 10.  When In Doubt, Pair Your Wellies With Dressier Pieces.

If all else fails, evaluate what you are pairing your wellies with. Rainy day outfits that are comprised of dressier pieces will without doubt look chicer than those that have strong casual vibes.  Items such as a classic trench, dress, white denim will always look chicer than a windbreaker, yoga pants or boyfriend jeans when paired with wellies.  So, when in doubt, dress up your outfit a  bit more on rainy days to add some extra chic vibes.

While rainy weather outfit creation may take a little extra thought, it is no excuse for not being stylish.  What are your favorite tips for staying fashionable in the rain?



|  Dress:  Club Monaco (old; similar here)  |  Trench:  Burberry (love this less expensive one)  |  Wellies:  Hunter  |  Handbag:  Celine  |  Fur Stole:  Zappos |  Sunnies:  Karen Walker  |



  1. Julia Bradbury
    February 3, 2017 / 2:41 pm

    WOW I just love your shiny black Wellingtons they look gorgeous on your legs, i like to wear my Wellingtons with a Skirt or Dress with nylon Stockings.

    • February 12, 2017 / 9:51 pm

      Awww thank you! Aren’t they the best with dresses!

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