Happy Friday!  I am so thrilled that the weekend is upon us. I adore my job but there’s always something special that the weekend brings. For me, I adore donning a pair of jeans (since I’m unable to wear them to work all week long) and spending some time with my husband, family & friends. Quality time is always at the top of my weekend priority list because my busy schedule during the week doesn’t really allow for much of it.  That being said, weekends can easily get stuck into a routine (or rut!) and often a change of pace is just what you need in order to feel relaxed and refreshed for a week ahead.
My husband and I broke from our normal routine last weekend (I wore this outfit for our date and it lended itself easily to every activity). We both commented various times how fun and refreshing the change of pace truely was for us. Since Valentine’s Day is this week, and the spirit of love is in the air (though I hope for you it is all year), I thought it might be fun to list ten different ways that you might spend the weekend bonding with your other half. Here are ten ways that might be fun to spend a romantic weekend with your significant other: 1.  Go somewhere you’ve never been for brunch or lunch. Our normal is a lunch date on Saturdays. This past weekend we flipped what we normally do and headed out early for brunch at a place we both hadn’t been to for years. We both found ourselves trying new things and giggling in the process.

2.  Find a local farmers market & explore. We adore farmers market and seeing the yummy treats and crafts that the vendors have. This past weekend we attended one in a different city than normal and happily went home with new delectable tea and a cute craft project in mind too!

3. Go to an early movie. I’ll be honest, we go to the movies a lot. They’re one of our favorite things to do together. However, we’ve found that by going to one of the first movies of the day, we avoid the crowds and feel as though we basically have the theatre to ourselves.
4. Take a Hike. Find a trail with some beautiful scenery and go explore. My favorites near us have breathtaking views of the ocean and marine life.

5. Take a class. Be it a pottery class, painting class, photography class or a cooking class…. find one that makes you both smile. Find a class where you can both learn something new together.
6.   Go Tasting. Wine, beer, chocolate, dessert, wings, whatever strikes your fancy. Make a day of visiting places and finding the best of whatever you love most.

7.  Have an adventure. Go to an amusement park and ride the craziest rides, go on a hot air balloon ride (I am dying to do this), find some horse back riding sessions or rent a sports car. Find something totally out of the ordinary for you and have a ball with it!
8.  Find some quality live entertainment. Attend a concert, local improv comedy,  live play or karaoke.
 9. Compete! Find a game that you can play together. Whether a board game (cards against humanity is forever our favorite) or a sporty game, find something you can be part of together. Going paint balling, shooting, kickboxing, bike riding, golfing….anything to get you competive. 10.  Be present. No matter what you choose, put your phone away and actually be present. Too often we are attached to technology and struggle to detach ourselves and really be present together. The key to a fun romantic weekend is truely detaching yourself from social media and your phone and enjoying each other’s company. Have fun!:) 

|  Coat:  Club Monaco  |  Sweater:  J.Crew  |  Denim:  Joes (size up 3-4 sizes for a boyfriend fit…see post here about boyfriend jeans)  |  Flats:  Valentino (look for less here)

Hope these ideas have you some inspiration as to how to have a fun, relaxing and rejuvenating romantic weekend with your other half! Happy early Valentines Day! 




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