Monday was my 31st birthday…goodness I feel old saying that in a community that is dominated by those in their twenties.  However, I’m thrilled to be 31…every single year we get is so very precious!  I thought it might be interesting to share with you a little more about myself.  In honor of my 31st birthday, here are 31 things you might not know about me.  If you’ve been a long time follower you may be familiar with some of these but I’m sure some will still surprise you.

  • I’m an extroverted introvert.  I adore going out and about and relishing in new experiences.  In fact, I get the itch to leave the house if we stay for too long.  However, I despise small talk and don’t particularly enjoy social situations.  After being social, I need some alone time to recharge.
  • I’ve taught elementary education for almost a decade but this past year I became an administrator at an elementary school.
  • I could watch 50s movies and television exclusively.  I Love Lucy, Rebel Without a Cause, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s are some of my all time favorites that get watched repeatedly.
  • That being said, I don’t particularly like TV.  When my husband isn’t home the TV really doesn’t turn on.  I would much rather spend my time online clicking through sites or watching some random YouTube tutorial than TV any day.
  • I’m lactose intolerant but OBSESSED with cheese and ice cream.  It’s ridiculous that my brain doesn’t equate that I shouldn’t love them.

  • Taking blogging photos is the most awkward experience.  It never fails every time we take a series of photos in public someone has to stop and make a comment that embarrasses me…I think everyone assumes I’m torturing my husband and I’m a self absorbed egomaniac. haha
  • I refuse to have chipped nails.  I think they are one of the fastest ways to ruin a look.  A bare set of nails is far superior to a set of chipped ones.
  • While I don’t get the chance to do it as often as I would like, I adore running.  There’s something so freeing about it.  It’s the perfect way to clear my head and regain some emotional stability after a tough day.  I can’t wait for daylight savings time to begin so I can actually run after work more.
  • I despised the fact that we were moving to the country 3 years ago from the city & now I actually like it.  After a long work day, it’s so calming to come home to a quiet place.  The only drawback is really having to plan out trips to stores as the nearest ones are 20 minutes away (though I’ll only go to those when I really need something urgently) and the ones I actually will shop in (& places we like to go) are an hour away from our home.  Otherwise, the quiet solitude makes up it most of the time.
  • I’m a lipstick hoarder.  I can’t stop purchasing lipstick.  Every time I go to Sephora, Nordstrom, or Cos Bar, I find myself with the strong impulse to purchase a new YSL, Tom Ford, or Charlotte Tilbury lip product.

  • If I’m your friend, you’ve got me for the long haul.  There aren’t many people that I let in, but if I do, I absolutely love you.  Thankfully, all of my closest friends understand that I may not call them for a month or so because life gets so very busy and time passes before I know it.  However, my friends are the ones I can pick up with just where we left off and it’s never a big deal.  These are the people that I would drop anything for.
  • For the past year or so, my husband and I have dedicated Sundays to staying home.  Our lives are pretty hectic…Sunday is our day to catch up and relax at home.  I love to clean the house and then do an at home spa day with face masks, hair masks, body scrubs, and a long bath.  These days always help to get me ready for the week ahead.
  • I’m addicted to going to the theatre.  My hubby and I see a movie on the big screen nearly every week.
  • I can’t function without a cup (or three) of coffee.   I’m incredibly picky in terms of which coffee because most don’t make my tastebuds happy.  I adore Keurig’s Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Coffee with a small splash of vanilla creamer.
  • I just enrolled myself in graduate school to obtain my Master’s of Educational Leadership & Administrative Credential.  I am starting courses really soon.  Life is about to get even busier.  I’m so excited!

  • I refuse to be bored.  I can’t remember a time when I was bored.  I tend to have everything planned out quite a ways ahead of time leaving little time with nothing to do.  I work a full time job during the day that’s so busy I never have a chance to even check social media (most days, I’m wondering, “what’s lunch?!”),  run my blog, am enrolled in grad school and have my family.  Suffice to say, I would much rather be busy than bored.  I wouldn’t have it any other way!
  • Shoes are my weakness.  I probably own over 150 pairs of shoes.  There’s always a pair (or five) on my radar.  I literally have a wall of shoes in my closet.  It’s semi embarrassing!

  • I’m a chronic over dresser.  I would much rather be over dressed than underdressed any day.  It’s actually an odd fear of mine to be too dressed down for any occasion.
  • I hated cats until we got ours years ago.  I used to insist that they were the dumbest animals.  Now, I absolutely adore them.  Perhaps it’s because ours seem to act like dogs.
  • I love to bake.  Cooking isn’t my favorite though.  However, baking dessert has become what I’m known for in the family.  Family favorites include pretzel cookies, toffee sea salt cookies, cherry cheese pie ring & dump cake.

  • I’m a 2 am serial online shopper.  Though this no shopping year is making me change my ways, I typically shop during the dead of the night when the world (and my husband) is asleep.  Shopping in store is never as good in my eyes.
  • I want a french bulldog so bad!  Enough said…they have a mega cuteness factor!
  • I have pedicures because I have to, not because I like it.  I kind of have a foot phobia and hate whenever anyone touches my feet.

  • Accessories (in terms of fashion) are when I would rather spend my money.  I feel as though clothes are a waste most of the time when it comes to investing but a good bag, pair of shoes, bracelet, etc. will carry you through multiple seasons.
  • Bucket list places to visit change & grow by the day, but off the top of my head tonight, I would love to hop on a plane and visit Bora Bora, Italy, Paris, Australia, Charleston, NYC.  Anyone want to buy my plane tickets?

  • I don’t tolerate dramatics.  If you bring any sort of drama or negativity to my life I tend to back away and leave.   I don’t have the time or energy for those who live their lives as such.  Life is too short to spend it focusing on the bad.
  • I don’t leave the house without my watch, rings, diamond studs and a spritz of either Tom Ford Champaca (my wedding fragrance & now reserved most exclusively for the weekend), Byredo Gypsy Water (weekdays) or one of my other Tom Ford fragrances.
  • Vintage Chanel melts my heart.  I think most of you already knew that.  However, you could offer me a brand new Chanel bag and a vintage one and nine times out of ten I would choose the vintage one.  They are made with such amazing craftsmanship and the materials are so much heartier on vintage pieces.

  • My favorite stores include Nordstrom, Saks, Neimans, Club Monaco, Banana Republic, Revolve, Anthropologie, J.Crew….the list could easily continue.
  • I am able to write what I’m thinking and feeling so much more coherently and meaningfully than when speaking.  Sometimes I feel as though my mouth speaks before my brain has finished it’s thought.  It’s something I’m working daily on improving & now that I’m conscious of it, it’s a lot easier to slow myself down and focus on what I’m saying.
  • I want to be Audrey Hepburn.  The grace, style, and positive influence on the world has me striving to take on similar qualities.

|  Jacket: J.Crew  |  Tee:  Madewell  |  Scarf:  Zappos  |  Leggings:  Express  |  Shoes:  Louboutin (similar from Ann Taylor ) |

Thank you all for stopping by to read today!  Also, thank you all for the birthday wishes!




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