While at first glance, those leather leggings in your closet might look only appropriate for a night out on the town.  Not so!  In fact, they are an amazing choice for daytime!  However, in order to make them daytime appropriate, a few simple styling tips should be followed.  

1.  Pay Attention to Proportions.

Leggings are tight.  This means that no other component of your outfit should be skin tight.  In fact, pairing leggings with looser silhouettes is ideal.

2.  Pair with Feminine Colors and Textures.

Leather is a “tough” fabric.  It looks best, in my opinion, when paired with more feminine pieces.  For example, pair yours with a blush pink sweater, a lacy top, a cozy light colored sweater, or heels.  However, I wouldn’t advise pairing them with a leather jacket as that also adds toughness to your look…and too much of something is rarely a good thing.

3.  Pair with a Long Button Down or Tunic Style Top.

Remember, these are leggings.  Now, leather pants are different and can be treated as pants.  However, if they have a stretchy waistband or no zipper, they are leggings and should be treated as such.  Always pair leggings with top that covers your bum.  

4.  Grab a Blazer.

Pairing a blazer on top of leather leggings is an excellent way to add some personality and dressiness to them.  Still, ensure you’ve got a longline blazer on or a top that is on the longer side.  

5.  Choose Neutral Colored Leather Leggings.

Leather leggings are already a statement.  Choose black, dark burgundy (almost black), or another dark neutral.  Leave the printed, bright colored, or pastel leather pants on the rack.  They make enough of a statement without added emphasis of color.  Anything other than black is difficult to make chic as they tend to look more Halloween appropriate instead.

Leather pants can be your daytime friend with ease.  They are a fashionista’s dream when styled well.  I cannot stop wearing them.  They add so much personality and flair to any look.  What is your favorite chic way to wear leather leggings?



| Sweater:  old; similar here  |  Shirt:  Nordstrom  |  Pants:  Express  |  Heels:  Banana Republic  |  Handbag:  Vintage Chanel  |



  1. March 23, 2017 / 4:45 am

    Great tips. Need more, please. I love leather leggings!

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