The past few weeks have been very exciting around here!  I was promoted to a new position at work.  In a grand effort to celebrate, I did a little EXTRA retail therapy!  This is certainly more than I typically shop, but I thought that they were such fun items that I should share and post a quick little review/thoughts about each of them!  Here are my five most recent purchases as of late!

1. Hermes Tray:

I know what you’re thinking “Hermes?!  Well, that just screams expensive.”

With that, I say, “Not so fast, Dear!  You might be pleasantly surprised!  It’s right around only $100.  For Hermes, all I can say is….wow!”

This china tray is so amazing as a jewelry dish.  I plan to place my ring and earrings on it nightly for safe keeping.  It’s the perfect size and is an heirloom piece that you can pass down for generations.  (I can only hope I’ll have kids one day that will appreciate it and not think it’s junk.)

2.  Steve Madden Loafers

These sweet little hot pink loafers are under $70!  They are as comfortable as you might imagine…they feel like bedroom slippers.  They are so adorable.  They will add instant spice to a very neutral outfit.  I can’t wait to wear them to work on a Friday when my feet have had too much of my long week in heels!  I found them to run true to size.  They are a must buy!

3. Banana Republic Coral Dress:

This coral dress from BR was on MAJOR SALE!   I plan on styling it and posting it to the blog soon but I’m worried it will sell out before then!  It’s such an amazing price point!  I sized up to a small to give myself an inch or two of extra length.  My regular size fit well but I wasn’t fully comfortable as the inner grandma in me had the nagging feeling that it was a tad to short for work.  Sizing up really helped that matter and now I feel as though it can pair as seamlessly with flats as it can heels!

4.  Gucci Soho Disco Handbag:

I’m infatuated with this handbag.  I think it’s still a little too new of a purchase for me to call it love just yet.  However, I do think that my relationship with this bag is going in that direction.  The bag is THE PERFECT NUDE.  It goes with everything.  It can be as easily dressed up as it can down.  Now, I will admit that this is an investment piece.  However, it is a good deal!  By that I mean the leather is buttery smooth and comparable handbags that I own are more than twice the price.  My Louis Vuitton cross body bag is almost double this price… and it’s canvas.  This is full beautiful leather with a classic style that will last for decades to come.

5.  Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Perfume:

This perfume is heaven in a bottle.  PERIOD.  Honestly, I am a HUGE lover of all things Tom Ford.  I don’t think that the man can design anything incorrectly.  His sunnies are beautiful.  His lipstick is my all time favorite.  That being said, his perfumes are what he does best.  I believe this so much that his Champaca perfume was my wedding fragrance.  I didn’t think much could top that.  Then I smelled this one.  It’s the most exquisite mix of beach, clean, and coconut.  I honestly am worried it won’t always exist and kind of feel the urge to stock up.  It’s not cheap…I will be the first one to say that purchasing it hurt at first.  Then I wore it and wore it and wore it…and wondered what the heck took me so long to buy it in the first place.  I promise it’s the best.






  1. July 10, 2016 / 4:34 am

    What fun splurges! Congratulations on all the exciting new things happening in your life!

    • aarbrun@gmail.com
      July 10, 2016 / 3:27 pm

      Thank you! It’s been a fun ride the past month! ???

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