Dresses and Winter aren’t exactly synonymous.  We typically picture warm, Spring like weather and sandals when we think of dresses.  Winter on the other hand most often makes us think of snowflakes and bundling up in our largest parkas.  The combination of Winter and dresses might make one think of frostbitten legs.  With that I say, not so!  Would you believe that there are even ways to wear dresses in the Winter that do not include fleece lined tights (though I do whole-heartedly love those!).  Here are five tips for ensuring that you stay toasty while still adorning yourself with a dress this Winter:

1.  Make Over the Knee Boots Your Best Friend.

I have become absolutely enamored with the combination of over the knee boots and dresses in the past few weeks.  Over the knee boots keep your legs incredibly warm.  To be honest, my legs tend to stay warmer in over the knee boots and a dress than they do in jeans and booties.  The key is to wear thick cozy socks with your over the knee boots.  In addition, having the hemline of your dress close to your boots will keep your legs the warmest.  The amount of leg that is covered with this combination is virtually the same as wearing pants.  I have found that this combination is essential to staying warm with a dress if you do not want to wear tights.

2.  Choose Dresses in Thicker, Sweater Like Fabrics.

My favorite winter dresses to wear are most often sweater dresses.  I tend to favor cable knits, cashmere, and thick knits.  I would steer clear of thin knits unless you plan to do additional layering (such as tights, a sweater, and a jacket in addition to your coat).  The thickness of these makes them a winner for Winter dressing.

3.  Add a Blazer (&/or) Topcoat.

Depending on where you live and what weather you are currently experiencing, you may choose to add a blazer and/or a topcoat to your outfit as well.  For today’s outfit, I simply have my topcoat on.  It’s longer length and wool fabric help to keep me toasty while wearing thermals/slips & a thicker sweater dress.  However, if your climate is colder than mine you may additionally choose to wear a blazer/leather jacket on top of your sweater dress in addition to your coat.  When doing so, choose streamlined silhouettes that will not add additional bulk to your frame.  In addition, you may choose to purchase a coat that is a size up in order to accommodate the extra layer.  Last, ensure that your outer layer has clean lines (such as this topcoat does) in order to achieve a slimming silhouette overall.

4.  Choose Your Cuddliest Accessories.

This is the time to don on the hat, scarf, and gloves.  In this outfit, I’ve chosen a cuddly cashmere scarf.  The scarf can be used for the obvious (as a scarf), but the length of this one gives it the ability to turn itself into a wrap, head covering, or blanket if desired.This piece is an investment, however, it will be with you for years and many many outfits to come.  This is crucial to bundling up your neck and retaining some of that heat.  Hats and gloves also help with this and add a little personality to your look as well.  Choosing accessories in neutral colors will help you to get the most versatility from your items.

5.  Add Thermals or a Thick Slip Underneath.

Adding additional layers underneath your dress can really help to keep you toasty.  One idea is wearing a thick slip or long underwear underneath your dress.  While I have not tried them, Uniqlo has various thermals under their HEATTECH products in a 3 different warmths that look incredibly tempting.  I’m particularly wanting to order these tights and this thermal top (in the nude color so that it would be hidden underneath clothing) for added warmth under skirts and dresses.

Bonus Ideas:  Layer a Sweater Over Your Dress & Add Fleece Lined Tights

An additional layering idea might be to add a sweater over the top of your dress.  This could be in the form of either a cardigan or a crewneck depending on the desired dress.  Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Also, if you haven’t tried them, fleece lined tights are the best thing since sliced bread.  They keep you INCREDIBLY warm.  Warmer than pants in my opinion.   If purchased in black, they go with virtually every outfit.  The best part is that they resemble normal tights but keep you so much toastier.

|  Coat:  Banana Republic (sold out; identical here)  |  Dress:  Loft (old; love this and this)  |  Boots:  Dolce Vita  |  Scarf:  White & Warren  |

By the way, it’s day 3/365 of my no shopping year and while I am dying for a few items, I’m staying strong.  🙂

Thanks for stopping by!  What’s your favorite way to wear skirts or dresses in the winter?  Please share the ways that you keep warm in them.  I’d love new ideas!




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