A California native, Abbie Madsen has two strong callings in life:  fashion & education. 

Abbie conducts her fashion blog in addition to working full time as a school administrator & attending graduate school.  Prior to becoming an administrator, she taught first grade for nearly a decade and now enjoys teaching her students both academically & emotionally.  In addition to academics, she feels that it is necessary that children need to learn to march to the beat of their own drum and not be afraid to be themselves.  She encourages her students to be enthusiastic & creative about something.  In the belief that adults also need to foster this philosophy, this blog serves as her enthusiastically fueled, creative outlet.

Abbie always had a passion for fashion that dated back to her childhood days.  Thanks to her mother’s patience, Abbie chose to wear very eclectic outfits during her childhood which she avidly claims have shaped her love of the art of getting dressed today.  She feels that every morning when you walk into your closet you are essentially painting on a blank canvas; your clothes help you decide who you want to be that day.

Abbie’s blog began a few years ago in part as an extension of her old Instagram account, which focused on fashion,  allthingstiffanyblue (now called DEVASTATINGLYCHIC).  Since then, the blog has grown and received a makeover, from hereon it is to be referred to as Devastatingly Chic.   This blog documents her daily fashions, beauty obsessions, lifestyle loves, and more.

In her spare time, Abbie enjoys spending time with her husband, Matt, her family, close friends, and her three animals.