Hello Everyone!

I hope you have all been fantastic!  I’ve taken a hiatus from the blog but should at the very least be back for the holiday season bringing you gift guide ideas for those you love (and possibly yourself…it’s ok I won’t tell anyone!).

Today, I thought I would start with the easiest gift guide of them all.  Here’s what to dream of yourself for Christmas or what to get that special lady in your life (girls send your boyfriend, hubby and family here for ideas!).  This is what I would dream up if anything I ever wanted ended up under the tree this year.  I by no means expect to receive these but it is fun to dream about!

Tory Burch Rosalind Ballet Flat:  I’ve had to give myself a stern talking to about not ordering these.  The blush pink gets my heart every single time.  I normally size up in Tory Burch and would purchase these in an 8.5 in pink magnolia. (30% off with code:  THANKS today only)

White Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap in Black: These are the best cashmere wraps there are.  I have another color and use it all the time.  It is the best thing to take into a movie and snuggle with or to cuddle with when the office gets far too chilly for your liking.  I use my other one at least once a week.  With that much use, I’d say It’s time to get another color. (The site is 25% off through the 27th with no code needed-discount added at checkout)

Kate Spade Bow Coat:  This coat has so much cuteness!  I love the tweed detailing.  It would look great over jeans, slacks or dresses alike.  I love the black one!  Since it is a boxy coat, I would purchase a size 0.  (Less than half price today only with code:  MOREJOY)

Ann Taylor Cashmere Sweater -Cashmere sweaters are the best thing ever.  I’m slowly converting most of my sweaters over to cashmere.  It’s cozier and not nearly as itchy.  I love these from Ann Taylor at a good price point too.  I’m usually an xs there-love the black and the silver/gray. (Code: BESTMONDAY for 50% off today only)

Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM Monogram with Beige Interior If I had to pick only one thing on my list, this would be it.  I use a tote nearly daily at work.  Between all my meetings and needing to have my laptop surgically attached to me a big tote like this would help so much!  This one would be a great addition that would go with everything.  I would literally use it daily.  Believe it or not with all the bags that I have, I don’t have a basic LV monogram bag.  This has been on my radar for decades.

Hermes H belt buckle & reversible leather strap 32 mm in noir/gold size 80 or 85 (either size works but I’d go with the 85 if given both options).  This is something that I’ve lusted after for years and never quite bit the bullet on.  Absolutely love it and it is what dreams are made of!

Happy Holiday Shopping!





Hello Everyone!

Essentially, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re well aware based on the strong social media presence, that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is well underway!  Today, the #NSALE went live to the public.  I must say, despite all my years of loving this sale, I’ve never seen things fly off the visual shelves quite so quickly.  I would say if they have something in your size and you love it don’t have an internal debate for long because as soon as you blink it will be gone.  Trust me, I’m already *so impatiently* waiting for some of the items I’ve tried on here to restock in my size because I debated them for too long.  Today’s post will focus on items under $150 but I also have an investment piece post going live soon as well.  Here are my dressing room diaries from the #NSALE!  Here we go:

This side tie cashmere sweater is super adorable.  Cashmere under $100 is a steal and the bows make this so cute!  I’m in a small here.

This cardigan is so soft and such great quality.  It’s a piece I would reach for time and time again come fall.  I’m in a small here.

This long sleeve tee is so perfect for Fall.  It is something you will wear weekly!  I’m in a small here.

This Madewell tote is great quality and would be perfect for work to hold your laptop and all of the other necessities.  Absolutely adore it and it looks pretty high end.

This Halogen Lace Skirt was so very cute!  They didn’t have my size but I would have bought it in a heartbeat had they as it is a perfect piece for work.  I’m pinching fabric together in the back but would most likely fit a 0/2 best.   

This Wayf Lace Top is so good!  I’m in a small here!  This is one item that will be selling out quickly!

This Madewell Army Jacket was dreamy!  I’m in an xs here.  If I didn’t already have multiple army green jackets I would have purchased this one.  In fact, I’m still trying to convince myself that I don’t need it.  It’s so good!

This blush pink blazer is as perfect for the office as it is for play.  I’m in a small here.  I could have easily worn an xs.  It’s good quality for the price too!

This tee is something that I live in on the weekends.  It’s perfect under a cardigan or jacket and is pretty cozy!  I’m in small here.  

This ruffle top had the cutest detailing.  I’m in a small here.

These cutout booties are so adorable.  They seemed to run true to size.  

These cutout booties have been a hit this year.  Don’t hesitate if you want them as they are sure to sell out again!

Zella leggings are always a fave of mine.  The quality is honestly on par with Lululemon.  I’m normally an xs in Zella.

Please be sure to check back for more favorites that are investment pieces in my next post coming later today!  Remember, if an item you love sells out, keep checking back as Nordstrom tends to do several restocks throughout the sale!



In my eyes, the Nordstrom anniversary sale is the time to buy your investment pieces.  Honestly, through and through I’m a classics girl.  I love pieces that will stand the test of time and really struggle to fall in love with trendy pieces.  That being said, the #NSALE offers so many great opportunities to stock up on your favorite cashmere, silk and leather pieces.  These are the true steals of the sale as so many pieces are marked at hundreds of dollars off.  These are the pieces that you will have for YEARS not just a season.  While at first blush it can be a tough pill to swallow, these are always the pieces that I never regret buying.  Instead, conversely, these are always the pieces that I regret not purchasing during the #NSALE as I realize throughout the season how much wear I truly would have gotten out of the investment pieces that I passed over.  This year, during my anniversary sale shopping, I’m choosing to focus on the investment pieces when I shop as I know they are the pieces I truly love the most.  While that may mean purchasing fewer items, I know that these pieces will be the ones that stay in my closet for years to come.  Here are my picks for the investment pieces of the NSALE:

The sale is the perfect time to pick up Tory Burch flats.  These are so comfy and go with everything.  They’re great quality and will be your go to.  I found these true to size.

Grabbing a good quality handbag is always a good thing.  This leather All Saints bag rivals some of my designer handbags in terms of quality for a by far smaller price tag.  It’s so good.

This cashmere Vince cardigan is the holy grail of cardigans.  I got one last year in a slightly more camel hue and I’ve worn it to pieces.  This is absolute perfection.  I’m obsessed.  I’m wearing an xs.

This Rebecca Taylor dress is so cute!  I’m in a small here.  If I didn’t already have something similar it would have come home with me.  To be honest, I’m half debating picking it up anyway.  It’s perfect for work and play.

This Joie lace back top is so perfect!  I’m in a small.  I love the detailing!

This blush pink Joie top is also a stunner.  Love the color and detailing!  It’s so feminine.  I’m in a small.

This ruffle hem top is a winner.  It’s super soft and can be styled a million different ways.  I’m in an xs.

This cashmere cardigan is a steal!  It’s super soft and amazing quality for under $200!  I’m in a s/m.

This white cashmere sweater is staple.  I love the oversized fit.  I’m in a small.

The fun sleeves on this cashmere sweater make it so interesting.  It is beyond soft.  I’m in a small.

This black vince cashmere cardigan is a must have.  I’m in a small here.  It will go with everything this fall and would be amazing to take to work with you now to stay warm in your chilly air conditioned office!

This Kate Spade sweater is so cute!  I love the tassel details.  I’m in an xs here.

This theory cashmere cardigan is what dreams are made of.  If I could only buy one thing from the sale this year, it would be this.  I’m in a size petite.  It’s seriously my favorite thing that I’ve bought from the sale in the past few years.  I will be wearing it weekly come fall.

This jacket is so good.  At just $200, it’s so well made and fits amazing!  I’m in an xs.  This will not last long in the sale!

This cashmere cardigan is so soft and perfect.  I love the fabric on this!  It’s a pretty good price considering the quality!

Finally, this silk top is so amazing.  I’m in small here but will most likely be ordering the petite size.  I love the ruffle detail.  I know this top would be as amazing with work pants as it would with jeans on weekends.  It’s one of my favorites!

Remember, items in the sale tend to go at lightning speed.  If you want something, get it.  Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t get a second chance.  That being said, if your size is sold out, don’t give up hope as Nordstrom does pretty frequent restocks but you have to check back often!

Enjoy the sale and your weekend!



Hello Everyone!

I’ve been away for a bit but will save the details for a post coming very soon!  However, I thought that there would be no better way to get back to my blogging self by posting about the BEST SALE OF THE YEAR…THE #NSALE!

As many of you know, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the best sale of the year because Nordstrom brings out brand new items that have never been released and places them at an amazing discount for a few short weeks before moving them to their regular price on August 7th (it’s essentially how regular sales work in reverse!).  This is the best time to get those clothing staples, and fall pieces at a fantastic rate!  This morning at 12:01am, Nordstrom opened their virtual doors to the sale for cardmembers and I stayed up (until 4am!) in an effort to scour the sales for you!  That being stated, if you are a Nordstrom cardholder, you are able to shop 8 days before the sale goes public (check out Nordstrom’s website for details on how to become a cardholder–they even have a debit card version!).  The items tend to move fast and restocks can be unpredictable, so if you see something you love, don’t hesitate to purchase!  The sale officially goes public on July 20th and ends on August 7th.

With so many products to choose from (thousands!), why not let me do the difficult work for you and bring you the best of the best?!  Here are my picks for the sale so far (click the number underneath the collage with the corresponding number for a link to the item).  I plan on doing a fitting room session later on this week/early next week!  In addition, I plan on creating a post about the beauty sales and what products are essentials to purchase from the sale!  Stay tuned!



Clothing (Tops) Edition:  .  1  .  2  .  3  .  4  .  5  .  6  .  7  .  8   .  9  .  10  .

Shoe Edition:  .  1  .  2  .  3  .  4  .  5  .  6  .  7  .  8  .

Accessories Edition:  .  1  .  2  .  3  .  4  .  5  .  6  .  7  .  8   .  9  .  

Outerwear Edition:  .  1  .  2  .  3  .  4  .  5  .  6  .  7  .  8   .  9  .  10  .

Home Edition:  .  1  .  2  .  3  .  4  .  5  .  6  .  7  .  8   .  9  .  10  .

If you all know anything about me after reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I am absolutely shoe obsessed. This obsession goes as far back as I can remember. In fact, on my wedding day, though I wore a large poofy Cinderella-sequel dress that covered my shoes, I was still completely excited and spent many hours selecting the perfect heels. Would you believe that I actually had 3 separate pairs that I wanted to wear with my dress. Ultimately, I selected these sparkly beauties (which are on sale). Since that day, I’ve been itching to wear them again. I have to admit that I adore wearing them casually best. There’s something about donning your fanciest shoes and adding a good pair of jeans and a structured shirt to the mix. I can imagine them with a crisp silk white button up and chic dark denim as well. Ultimately, when wearing your wedding shoes in a casual setting, keep the rest of your outfit pretty basic. Your shoes should demand the attention. I can’t wait to wear mine on date night again soon with boyfriend jeans and a button up. 

Do you ever wear yours? Share your favorite ways to wear them below. 



Heels:  Kate Spade |  Denim:  Joes (DIYed them…coming soon to the blog)  |  Top:  Nordstrom  |  Handbag:  Saint Laurent  |  Sunnies:  Tom Ford  |

Hello Again!  Sorry for the silence.  In between graduate school and my career, life has gotten a little hectic the past few weeks.  I’ll be honest, I haven’t even really had the chance to scroll Instagram (I know! The horror!)  It’s my hope that I will be a bit more consistent soon but for now, please check back often as I promise that I will be continuing to post.  Since I wasn’t able to post last week, here are two weeks worth of my weekly series:  What I Wore in Real Life.

You can view past week’s posts that are part of the series here:    ., ., ., .14

MONDAY (Shopping with Mom):

Cardigan:  Vince (on sale here) | Flats:  Alberta Ferretti  |  Denim:  Joes  |  Shirt:  J.Crew (old; similar here)   |  Sunnies:  Tom Ford  |  Handbag: Goyard  |

TUESDAY:  Spent in Lululemon at home for a day of running, cleaning and homework for graduate school

WEDNESDAY:  Errands and Shopping

|  Blazer:  White House Black Market  |  Denim:  Joes  |  Loafers:  Nicholas Kirkwood  |

THURSDAY:  Spent in Lululemon for a day of graduate school homework

FRIDAY:  Dinner with the Hubby

|Flats:  Christian Louboutin  |  Denim:  Joes (DIYed them…coming soon to the blog)  |  Top:  Nordstrom  |  Handbag:  Louis Vuitton  |  Sunnies:  Tom Ford  |

SATURDAY:  Housewarming Party with Friends

|  Wedges:  Loefller Randall  |  Top:  Endless Rose  |  Denim:  Joes:  DIYed them… Coming Soon to the Blog  |  Handbag:  Valentino  |

MONDAY:  Interview Attire

|  See Original Blogpost Here  |


Heels:  old; identical here  |  Pants:  Old Navy  |  Top:  Target (old; similar here)  |  Blazer:  Zara (old; similar here)  |  Sunnies:  Tom Ford  |


|  Flats:  Charlotte Olympia (this season’s version)  |  Pants:  Paige  |  Sweater:  similar here  |  Blazer:  J.Crew  |  Sunnies:  Tom Ford  |


|  Flats:  Kaitlyn Pan (amazing Valentino dupe!)  |  Pants:  Paige  |  Cardigan:  Vince  |  Shirt:  Loft  (old; similar here)  |

SATURDAY:  Day Date with the Hubby

| Coming Soon to the Blog  |

Hope your week is going well!

You can view past week’s posts that are part of the series here:    ., ., .



The funniest thing happened a few weeks ago.  It was an especially rare warm day here in early spring.  I walked into my *ahem* incredibly messy *ahem* closet and searched for my straw hat because I just knew that it was time to bring it out since the sun had shown it’s glorious face.  Well, upon finding it, I smiled in delight because it was crushed and not really wearable anymore.


I smiled…Why would I ever do that?!?

Well, in case you all have forgotten, I’m on this horrendous, possibly going to end it before the end of the year and not follow through because it’s not really bringing me joy, shopping ban for a year where I only have 4 hall passes (2 of which have been used—They were the Alberta Ferretti flats & the Tom Ford sunnies in this post).  Well, that being said, that doesn’t leave a lot of room for shopping for other items unless something gets ruined or someone else purchases it for me (and as an adult I’m not going to ask anyone to buy me anything).  You can read all about it here.

When I found my crushed hat in the depths of my closet, it met the criteria to be repurchased and not counted because it was essentially a replacement of the old one that I had.  I knew that this time I needed to find the perfect one.  I wandered into my favorite boutique that weekend to find this baby.  I know I’m going to wear it all spring/summer/ (and quite possibly) early fall long.  The best part of it is that it’s packable and can be folded (I know, I didn’t even know that there was such a thing either!) which means that it most likely won’t be ruined like my last one.  It looks fabulous with light colored sweaters and boyfriend jeans (like here!) and is absolutely perfect to be paired with dresses, skirts and shorts alike!  I’m so smitten!  I know that I’ll be wearing it all weekend long!

Hope your Friday has gone exceptionally well!



|  Flats:  Christian Louboutin |  Denim:  Joes  (size up 3-4 sizes for a boyfriend look)  |  Sweater:  J.Crew (old; similar here)  |  Tee:  Nordstrom  |  Handbag:  Vintage Chanel  |  Hat:  Rag & Bone  |

We all deserve to have in item in our wardrobe that makes us smile the moment that we put it on.  It’s the item that goes with everything.  The one that you feel most yourself in.  The one piece that you wish people wouldn’t notice you repeat so you had the ability to wear it every single day.  That item for me is this cardigan.  I have it in this wine color and a camel color as well.  I can safely say it is the softest cardigan I’ve ever felt in my life.  It’s so cozy that my co-workers have said “I should just leave it on the chair in the office and walk away for a bit…(because they would love to have it)”  It’s as perfect with a springtime dress and wedges as it is work trousers and a button up.  However, I love it best paired with a simple tee, skinny jeans and flats.  This is me in an outfit:  understated, pulled together, cozy, and a hint of luxury all rolled into one.  Simply said, you won’t regret this one.  If it ever comes in more colors, you can rest assured I will be purchasing them.



|  Handbag:  Celine (on MEGA SALE!)  |  Flats:  Alberta Ferretti  |  Denim:  Joes  |  Tee:  Madewell  |  Cardigan:  Vince(color is cordovan-the picture is incorrect on the site but it’s this cardigan) (look for less here) | | Sunnies:  Tom Ford |

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the silence around here the past few days….Life took over and blogging took at backseat for a few days.  That being said, here’s my what I wore in real life for the past week.

Be sure to check out past week’s What I Wore in Real Life:  Weekly Chic posts here:   ., ., .10.11.12, .13.

Monday:  Work Outfit #1

|  Blazer:  J.Crew (old; love this one)  |  Tee:  J.Crew (old; love this)  |  Pants:  Old Navy  |  Heels:  Banana Republic (old; identical here)  |  Handbag:  Goyard  |

Tuesday:  Work Outfit #2

|Heels:  Ann Taylor (old; love these)  |  Pants:  Old Navy  |  Top:  Target (old; love this one)  |  Jacket:  J.Crew (old; love this)  | Handbag:  Chanel  |

Wednesday:  Work Outfit #3

|Sunnies:  Celine  |  Pants:  Paige  |  Sweater:  Vince (look for less here) |  Top:  Nordstrom (old; love this similar one)  |  Flats:  DSW (old; love these similar ones)  |  Handbag:  Chanel  |

Thursday:  Work Outfit #4

|  Slingbacks:  Ivanka Trump  |  Pants:  Old Navy  |  Top:  Anthropologie  (old; similar here)  |  Blazer:  J.Crew  (old; nearly identical here)  | Handbag:  Chanel  |

Friday:  Shopping with a Friend

| Sunnies:  Tom Ford  |  Flats:  Christian Louboutin  |  Denim:  Joes  |  Tee:  Madewell  |  Cardigan:  Vince  (look for less here)|  Handbag:  Chanel  |

Saturday:  Lunch and Exploring My Old College Town  

Handbag:  Celine (on MEGA SALE!)  |  Flats:  Alberta Ferretti  |  Denim:  Joes  |  Tee:  Madewell  |  Cardigan:  Vince (look for less here) |

Be sure to check out past week’s What I Wore in Real Life:  Weekly Chic posts here:   ., ., .

Hope you’re all having a great week!



Spring is officially here.  It’s still crisp and cool in the mornings, the days are longer (who doesn’t like coming home from work to daylight…I’m obsessed!), and the mid-day sunshine is perfect for lunch outdoors.  The beginning of Spring is also a time when I create a mental bucket list of all the things I want to accomplish for the season.  Here are the things that are on my Spring bucket list.  I would love to hear what is on yours!

Spring Clean Your Closet.

I must say, spring cleaning my closet is always the first thing that I think of that needs to be done each year when this season begins.  There’s something about this time of the year that just makes me want to go through all of my clothes and purge.  I love going through a series of questions with myself and deciding if something needs to be kept, donated or thrown away.  I might be odd, but I do find that I’m calmer and more collected when my closet is in order.

Plant Your Garden.

There are certain things that this weather and sunshine just do to me.  One of them is assessing my flower beds and figuring out what plants I want to fill them with.  Last year, we planted azaleas and bougainvillea.  Sadly, the bougainvillea didn’t survive the winter but the azaleas are starting to come back to life.  I don’t have the best green thumb, but it is so beautiful watching your flowerbeds bloom with color in the spring and summer.  This year, I’m thinking of planting hydrangeas.

Stock up on fresh flowers, veggies, and fruits at farmer’s market.

Springtime means that farmer’s market is back in action.  I miss farmer’s market so much during the winter months.  As a farmer’s daughter, I’ve always appreciated how much better fresh fruits and veggies are.  Store bought just never seems to taste nearly as good!  At least every other week, we try to make it to one farmer’s market or another.  I must admit, one of my favorite parts of the whole ordeal is getting dinner at the market (stuffed baked potatoes & churros are heavenly at ours!)

Have a backyard barbecue.

At the beginning of this Spring, we started redoing our backyard.  We cut down our ten foot fence so that it is now a lot shorter and we have a vineyard view.  We strung lights around the backyard.  We are currently looking at patio furniture and making a cozier space for outdoor space.  I cannot wait to have some friends over and have a backyard barbecue.

Fine tune your hair and makeup routine.

When the start of any new season rolls around, I tend to look at the products I’m using and adjust for the season at hand.  In Spring, the dark nail polish shades fade away to be replaced with light pinks and whites.  My black eyeliner just got traded for a plum/purple hued gel liner.  My blush is getting traded for more bronzy tones.  I have a hair appointment soon, and I know we will probably add a little more sunkissed glean to my mane as well.  Spring is the time to add some “lightness” to my routine.

Get Crafty.

Spring always brings out the inner artist in me.  This year, I collected grapevines after they finished cutting them by our house and twisted them into wreaths.  Then after a trip to Michael’s for some faux flowers, ribbon, wooden letters, and wire, I got to work mixing and creating floral wreath’s with my families last name initial on them.  In previous years, I’ve found an old dresser at Goodwill, sanded it down and painted it.  I’ve also taken a large canvas and some gold paint to create a one of a kind piece that now hangs above our dining table.  Paint nights are also incredibly fun to attend.  There’s something about being able to craft in the fresh air that really gets my creativity going.

Do something outside that you’ve never/rarely done.

Head to the beach and have a picnic, go zip lining, attend an outdoor movie or concert, go for a hike on a new trail.  Just get outside in the gorgeous weather!Add something fun to your wardrobe.

Evaluate your wardrobe and find something that you are missing that would create tons of new outfits for your wardrobe.  Maybe it’s a pair of sandals, a belt, or a pair of sunnies that would make all of your Spring outfits worthwhile.  Make a plan to get that item and start saving up!

Learn something new.

Spring is a time for growth with flowers, and it should be for you too!  Look at something that you’ve always wanted to learn and find a way to do it!  This year, I’ve decided that Spring is the perfect time to start graduate school.  In past years, I learned how to refinish a dresser, how to create a new site for my blog, and have learned so many new computer programs.  The point is, if you want to learn something, now is the best time!

|  Blazer:  White House Black Market (on sale!)  |  Top:  Loft (old; love this similar one)  |  Pants:  Paige  |  Heels:  Christian Louboutin  |  Handbag:  Valentino  |

Spring is the time for change & newness.  It’s one of the best seasons because of this.  What’s on your Spring bucket list?  Give me some ideas for things I need to try this season!



In natural Monday fashion here on Devastatingly Chic, I’m bringing you the regular posting of what I wore in real life last week.  These are all the outfits that got me through the work week in style.  I also included one of my weekend outfits (the other was running clothes & I didn’t think you wanted to see that!:)).  Hope your week is off to a great start!

Be sure to check out past week’s What I Wore in Real Life:  Weekly Chic posts here:   ., ., .10.11, .12.


|  Pants:  Paige  |  Sweater:  J.Crew  |  Blazer:  J.Crew (old; similar here)  |  Brooch:  Chanel  |  Flats:  Cole Haan (old; identical here)


|Dress:  Target (this year’s version here)  |  Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell |  Cardigan:  Vince  |  Handbag:  Goyard  |


See this blog post for all outfit info |  Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell |


|  Cardigan:  Vince  |  Top:  Loft (old; love this similar one)  |  Pants:  Paige  |  Flats:  Chanel  |  Handbag:  Goyard  |


|  Pants:  Old Navy  |  Top:  Nordstrom  |  Cardigan:  Ann Taylor  (similar here)  |  Shoes:  Steve Madden (old; similar here)  |


|  Flats:  Christian Louboutin |  Denim:  Joes  (size up 3-4 sizes for a boyfriend look)  |  Sweater:  J.Crew (old; similar here)  |  Tee:  Nordstrom  |  Handbag:  Vintage Chanel  |  Hat:  Rag & Bone  |

Be sure to check out past week’s What I Wore in Real Life:  Weekly Chic posts here:   ., ., .10.11, .12.

Have a fabulous week!



All of us have those who have influenced our style and made us into the fashionistas that we are today.  They are those that we look to when we need inspiration.  They are those that we idolized perhaps growing up because their stylish choices were always impeccable.  I have 5 main influences that are all components as to how my style was created.  Keep reading for more about those who inspire my style. 1.  Audrey Hepburn:

If there is one person who has single handedly influenced my style, it is Ms. Hepburn.  Her timeless elegance is something that I strive for in most looks that I wear.  I absolutely adore her personality inside and out.  I think I’ve watched Breakfast at Tiffany’sSabrina, and Roman Holiday over 100 times.  It’s safe to say, I’m utterly captivated by her.  Whether Audrey Hepburn is donning a party dress or just a striped tee and black skinny ankle length trousers, she is always dressed perfectly.
2.  Kate Middleton:

The Duchess is similar to Audrey Hepburn in that she is a beauty inside and out.  In addition, she too embodies timeless style.  No matter the occasion, her outfits are always the classiest and seem to transcend time.  She is the perfect person to look towards for a chic, timeless, work appropriate style.
3.  Victoria Beckham:

Mrs. Beckham is everything I wish I was in terms of style.  She’s chic but never in the boring sense.  She always has a slight edge and interest to her outfits.  Her outfit combinations are rare and unique.  In addition, to top it all off, she’s an amazing designer whose pieces stop my heart each time I see them.  Her daring, yet chic style is what I aspire to someday!

4.  Iris Apfel:

Iris is the most unapologetically unique fashionista that I have ever seen.  I adore her for it.  Iris’ creativity and loud in your face outfits are actually what I picture myself dressing like when I’m in my retirement years.  She reminds me that it is okay (actually encouraged) to be different and to be you no matter what.  Her style is a reflection of what makes her happy.  Honestly, that is all we should be dressing for in life…making ourselves happy.  She completely inspires me to wear what I love regardless of who likes it.
5.  Blaire Eadie:

BEE is the blogger that (in my mind) started it all and continues to blow everyone out of the water with her stylistic choices.  Her pairings are completely unexpected yet flow so very beautifully that one wonders why they didn’t think of that themselves.  She is the pioneer of blogging that I still find myself clicking on weekly.  


I am also in love with the stylistic choices of Olivia Palermo, Miranda Kerr, Jackie O, Jenna Lyons, and various bloggers that inspire me daily.  Looking up outfits that these lovely ladies have worn on Pinterest can sometimes help to get me out of an outfit slump that I might be in and help me to try a combination that I may not have thought of on my own.

Who are your style icons?  Please share!



|  Trench:  Topshop (old; love this similar one)  |  Pants:  AG  |  Heels:  Valentino (dupe for around $100 here)  |  Bag:  Valentino  |  Sweater:  Vince (old; similar here)  |  Sunnies:  Karen Walker  |

Like clockwork, I open my iPhone to the same app repetitively after work each day for seemingly hours on end in a feeble attempt to catch up on the day:  Instagram.  It’s my favorite app and, if I’m being completely honest, a time sucker to say the least.  To catch up on my feed from the day takes about an hour of just scrolling through the photos.  That doesn’t including commenting and liking in an effort to socialize and drive traffic to my page as well.  I wish I had time throughout the day to view it and take in the posts in small chunks, but with as busy as my full time actual career is, that just can’t happen.  During my workday, that app doesn’t have the time or the priority to be open.  I’m okay with that.  However, I am confident that that’s the reason my account has dramatically slowed in growth since last Summer.  I just don’t have the time to devote to it when actual matters of life and work are more pressing in nature.  Remember how I said in a past post that I would much rather be busy than bored?  I’m confident that I’ll never truly know what boredom feels like.  As odd as it sounds, I’m happy about that.  I always always have an ever growing to do list:  whether personal, graduate school related, or career related.  There is always something I should/could be doing.

It’s kind of funny, my husband and I were grabbing groceries at Target and we passed the book section.  I’ve been OBSESSED with the show Big Little Lies (watching shows with my husband is part of how we equate to some time together-usually with me scrolling through Instagram or writing a blog post at the same time) in part because the story is amazing and in part because it was filmed near where we live.  Anyway, I was dying to pick up the book that the show was based off of.  My husband looked at me and stated, “When are you going to read that?!  You don’t have time for anything.”  I rolled my eyes and put the book in the cart anyway thinking, “I’ll read it…I’ll make time.”  I pushed the cart around the store thinking about when I was going to get the chance to read it.  By the end of our half an hour trip, I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t see a time in my foreseeable future where it would happen and I placed the book back on the shelf.  A new graduate school course starts next week.  All the days (and a few nights) on my work calendar are full of commitments.  My blog takes me away from the world for about two hours a night.  Then, as stupid as it sounds, to keep up with Instagram (including socializing and promoting blog posts) takes up another hour or two.  Then, of course, I need to ensure that I’m spending some time with my husband and maintaining some contact with my family and friends.  Let’s break it down into numbers:  getting ready for work:  2 hours + work: 9 hours + graduate school:  2 hours per night + blog (post writing):  2 hours per night + Instagram/driving traffic to IG & the blog:  2 hours per night + family time/dinner:  2 hours per night + sleep:  <5 hours per night = 24 hours.  Sometimes, I feel as though the answer is simple.  There may not be enough hours in the day.  However, I refuse to accept that. One quote that always resinates with me is “People make time for what is important.  If it is important, you will find a way.”  I’m not sure that that’s true.  Truth be told, I sometimes feel as though I’ve made too many things important in my mind.  I have four main areas of priority in my life currently:  family/friends, career, graduate school, and my blog.  If I’m completely honest, I’m always making someone or other in my personal life upset because “I don’t have time” to sit around and visit.  Truthfully, if I’m not working on something, I feel as though I’m not doing what I need to.  Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I just crash on the weekend & get absolutely nothing productive done.  However, they are getting rarer in nature. Forgive me for this long, drawn out, slightly depressing post.  I’ve gone back and forth as to whether I should hit publish on it or place it in a virtual trashcan.  However, I always want to be real.  I’m an over thinker by nature.  Every move I make is overly calculated, over-planned and over-analyzed.   I want to make it clear that I am happy with how life is going.  I love that I am busy and always have something going on.  I just wonder….how much more can I add before something falls apart?!  Sometimes, my zest for blogging has faded by bedtime and a post just can’t seem to make it’s way out of my finger tips.  I absolutely adore this little creative outlet and hope that maintaining it will naturally fall into place.  However, if posts, get sporadic during the week, know that it’s not because I don’t want to post….It’s most likely that I’ve fallen asleep on my keyboard again.  🙂This week, I hope to spend some time on Pinterest exploring time management tips/calendar ideas.  If I find anything groundbreakingly helpful, I’ll be sure to bring it back and share with you all!

In the meantime, in an effort to speed up the post writing component of blogging and give me a little added inspiration, what posts would you like to see??????  Comment below to help guide me to create some content that you all would love to read.



|  Jacket:  J.Crew (new version here) |  Top:  Ann Taylor (old; similar here)  |  Denim:  Joes  |  Shoes:  Kaitlyn Pan (amazing Valentino Dupe!  Size up a half size)  |  Handbag:  Valentino  |