If you all know anything about me after reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I am absolutely shoe obsessed. This obsession goes as far back as I can remember. In fact, on my wedding day, though I wore a large poofy Cinderella-sequel dress that covered my shoes, I was still completely excited and spent many hours selecting the perfect heels. Would you believe that I actually had 3 separate pairs that I wanted to wear with my dress. Ultimately, I selected these sparkly beauties (which are on sale). Since that day, I’ve been itching to wear them again. I have to admit that I adore wearing them casually best. There’s something about donning your fanciest shoes and adding a good pair of jeans and a structured shirt to the mix. I can imagine them with a crisp silk white button up and chic dark denim as well. Ultimately, when wearing your wedding shoes in a casual setting, keep the rest of your outfit pretty basic. Your shoes should demand the attention. I can’t wait to wear mine on date night again soon with boyfriend jeans and a button up. 

Do you ever wear yours? Share your favorite ways to wear them below. 



Heels:  Kate Spade |  Denim:  Joes (DIYed them…coming soon to the blog)  |  Top:  Nordstrom  |  Handbag:  Saint Laurent  |  Sunnies:  Tom Ford  |

The funniest thing happened a few weeks ago.  It was an especially rare warm day here in early spring.  I walked into my *ahem* incredibly messy *ahem* closet and searched for my straw hat because I just knew that it was time to bring it out since the sun had shown it’s glorious face.  Well, upon finding it, I smiled in delight because it was crushed and not really wearable anymore.


I smiled…Why would I ever do that?!?

Well, in case you all have forgotten, I’m on this horrendous, possibly going to end it before the end of the year and not follow through because it’s not really bringing me joy, shopping ban for a year where I only have 4 hall passes (2 of which have been used—They were the Alberta Ferretti flats & the Tom Ford sunnies in this post).  Well, that being said, that doesn’t leave a lot of room for shopping for other items unless something gets ruined or someone else purchases it for me (and as an adult I’m not going to ask anyone to buy me anything).  You can read all about it here.

When I found my crushed hat in the depths of my closet, it met the criteria to be repurchased and not counted because it was essentially a replacement of the old one that I had.  I knew that this time I needed to find the perfect one.  I wandered into my favorite boutique that weekend to find this baby.  I know I’m going to wear it all spring/summer/ (and quite possibly) early fall long.  The best part of it is that it’s packable and can be folded (I know, I didn’t even know that there was such a thing either!) which means that it most likely won’t be ruined like my last one.  It looks fabulous with light colored sweaters and boyfriend jeans (like here!) and is absolutely perfect to be paired with dresses, skirts and shorts alike!  I’m so smitten!  I know that I’ll be wearing it all weekend long!

Hope your Friday has gone exceptionally well!



|  Flats:  Christian Louboutin |  Denim:  Joes  (size up 3-4 sizes for a boyfriend look)  |  Sweater:  J.Crew (old; similar here)  |  Tee:  Nordstrom  |  Handbag:  Vintage Chanel  |  Hat:  Rag & Bone  |

We all deserve to have in item in our wardrobe that makes us smile the moment that we put it on.  It’s the item that goes with everything.  The one that you feel most yourself in.  The one piece that you wish people wouldn’t notice you repeat so you had the ability to wear it every single day.  That item for me is this cardigan.  I have it in this wine color and a camel color as well.  I can safely say it is the softest cardigan I’ve ever felt in my life.  It’s so cozy that my co-workers have said “I should just leave it on the chair in the office and walk away for a bit…(because they would love to have it)”  It’s as perfect with a springtime dress and wedges as it is work trousers and a button up.  However, I love it best paired with a simple tee, skinny jeans and flats.  This is me in an outfit:  understated, pulled together, cozy, and a hint of luxury all rolled into one.  Simply said, you won’t regret this one.  If it ever comes in more colors, you can rest assured I will be purchasing them.



|  Handbag:  Celine (on MEGA SALE!)  |  Flats:  Alberta Ferretti  |  Denim:  Joes  |  Tee:  Madewell  |  Cardigan:  Vince(color is cordovan-the picture is incorrect on the site but it’s this cardigan) (look for less here) | | Sunnies:  Tom Ford |

Spring is officially here.  It’s still crisp and cool in the mornings, the days are longer (who doesn’t like coming home from work to daylight…I’m obsessed!), and the mid-day sunshine is perfect for lunch outdoors.  The beginning of Spring is also a time when I create a mental bucket list of all the things I want to accomplish for the season.  Here are the things that are on my Spring bucket list.  I would love to hear what is on yours!

Spring Clean Your Closet.

I must say, spring cleaning my closet is always the first thing that I think of that needs to be done each year when this season begins.  There’s something about this time of the year that just makes me want to go through all of my clothes and purge.  I love going through a series of questions with myself and deciding if something needs to be kept, donated or thrown away.  I might be odd, but I do find that I’m calmer and more collected when my closet is in order.

Plant Your Garden.

There are certain things that this weather and sunshine just do to me.  One of them is assessing my flower beds and figuring out what plants I want to fill them with.  Last year, we planted azaleas and bougainvillea.  Sadly, the bougainvillea didn’t survive the winter but the azaleas are starting to come back to life.  I don’t have the best green thumb, but it is so beautiful watching your flowerbeds bloom with color in the spring and summer.  This year, I’m thinking of planting hydrangeas.

Stock up on fresh flowers, veggies, and fruits at farmer’s market.

Springtime means that farmer’s market is back in action.  I miss farmer’s market so much during the winter months.  As a farmer’s daughter, I’ve always appreciated how much better fresh fruits and veggies are.  Store bought just never seems to taste nearly as good!  At least every other week, we try to make it to one farmer’s market or another.  I must admit, one of my favorite parts of the whole ordeal is getting dinner at the market (stuffed baked potatoes & churros are heavenly at ours!)

Have a backyard barbecue.

At the beginning of this Spring, we started redoing our backyard.  We cut down our ten foot fence so that it is now a lot shorter and we have a vineyard view.  We strung lights around the backyard.  We are currently looking at patio furniture and making a cozier space for outdoor space.  I cannot wait to have some friends over and have a backyard barbecue.

Fine tune your hair and makeup routine.

When the start of any new season rolls around, I tend to look at the products I’m using and adjust for the season at hand.  In Spring, the dark nail polish shades fade away to be replaced with light pinks and whites.  My black eyeliner just got traded for a plum/purple hued gel liner.  My blush is getting traded for more bronzy tones.  I have a hair appointment soon, and I know we will probably add a little more sunkissed glean to my mane as well.  Spring is the time to add some “lightness” to my routine.

Get Crafty.

Spring always brings out the inner artist in me.  This year, I collected grapevines after they finished cutting them by our house and twisted them into wreaths.  Then after a trip to Michael’s for some faux flowers, ribbon, wooden letters, and wire, I got to work mixing and creating floral wreath’s with my families last name initial on them.  In previous years, I’ve found an old dresser at Goodwill, sanded it down and painted it.  I’ve also taken a large canvas and some gold paint to create a one of a kind piece that now hangs above our dining table.  Paint nights are also incredibly fun to attend.  There’s something about being able to craft in the fresh air that really gets my creativity going.

Do something outside that you’ve never/rarely done.

Head to the beach and have a picnic, go zip lining, attend an outdoor movie or concert, go for a hike on a new trail.  Just get outside in the gorgeous weather!Add something fun to your wardrobe.

Evaluate your wardrobe and find something that you are missing that would create tons of new outfits for your wardrobe.  Maybe it’s a pair of sandals, a belt, or a pair of sunnies that would make all of your Spring outfits worthwhile.  Make a plan to get that item and start saving up!

Learn something new.

Spring is a time for growth with flowers, and it should be for you too!  Look at something that you’ve always wanted to learn and find a way to do it!  This year, I’ve decided that Spring is the perfect time to start graduate school.  In past years, I learned how to refinish a dresser, how to create a new site for my blog, and have learned so many new computer programs.  The point is, if you want to learn something, now is the best time!

|  Blazer:  White House Black Market (on sale!)  |  Top:  Loft (old; love this similar one)  |  Pants:  Paige  |  Heels:  Christian Louboutin  |  Handbag:  Valentino  |

Spring is the time for change & newness.  It’s one of the best seasons because of this.  What’s on your Spring bucket list?  Give me some ideas for things I need to try this season!



All of us have those who have influenced our style and made us into the fashionistas that we are today.  They are those that we look to when we need inspiration.  They are those that we idolized perhaps growing up because their stylish choices were always impeccable.  I have 5 main influences that are all components as to how my style was created.  Keep reading for more about those who inspire my style. 1.  Audrey Hepburn:

If there is one person who has single handedly influenced my style, it is Ms. Hepburn.  Her timeless elegance is something that I strive for in most looks that I wear.  I absolutely adore her personality inside and out.  I think I’ve watched Breakfast at Tiffany’sSabrina, and Roman Holiday over 100 times.  It’s safe to say, I’m utterly captivated by her.  Whether Audrey Hepburn is donning a party dress or just a striped tee and black skinny ankle length trousers, she is always dressed perfectly.
2.  Kate Middleton:

The Duchess is similar to Audrey Hepburn in that she is a beauty inside and out.  In addition, she too embodies timeless style.  No matter the occasion, her outfits are always the classiest and seem to transcend time.  She is the perfect person to look towards for a chic, timeless, work appropriate style.
3.  Victoria Beckham:

Mrs. Beckham is everything I wish I was in terms of style.  She’s chic but never in the boring sense.  She always has a slight edge and interest to her outfits.  Her outfit combinations are rare and unique.  In addition, to top it all off, she’s an amazing designer whose pieces stop my heart each time I see them.  Her daring, yet chic style is what I aspire to someday!

4.  Iris Apfel:

Iris is the most unapologetically unique fashionista that I have ever seen.  I adore her for it.  Iris’ creativity and loud in your face outfits are actually what I picture myself dressing like when I’m in my retirement years.  She reminds me that it is okay (actually encouraged) to be different and to be you no matter what.  Her style is a reflection of what makes her happy.  Honestly, that is all we should be dressing for in life…making ourselves happy.  She completely inspires me to wear what I love regardless of who likes it.
5.  Blaire Eadie:

BEE is the blogger that (in my mind) started it all and continues to blow everyone out of the water with her stylistic choices.  Her pairings are completely unexpected yet flow so very beautifully that one wonders why they didn’t think of that themselves.  She is the pioneer of blogging that I still find myself clicking on weekly.  


I am also in love with the stylistic choices of Olivia Palermo, Miranda Kerr, Jackie O, Jenna Lyons, and various bloggers that inspire me daily.  Looking up outfits that these lovely ladies have worn on Pinterest can sometimes help to get me out of an outfit slump that I might be in and help me to try a combination that I may not have thought of on my own.

Who are your style icons?  Please share!



|  Trench:  Topshop (old; love this similar one)  |  Pants:  AG  |  Heels:  Valentino (dupe for around $100 here)  |  Bag:  Valentino  |  Sweater:  Vince (old; similar here)  |  Sunnies:  Karen Walker  |

Iman once stated something that I have identified whole heartedly with, “In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic.”

I have this lofty goal that when my grandchildren look back at pictures of me, they will think, “Goodness, Grandma was a fabulously dressed lady.”  I never want them to think, “Wow!  Grandma!  What in the world were you thinking with that outfit?!”  While I’m sure that is somewhat bound to happen, as I must imagine that in 30 years time styles will dramatically change, I want to look as classic and chic as possible.  You see, I’ve always dreamed of being the classically dressed lady that transcends time with her style.

That being stated, being classically dressed does not mean that I’m walking around in plain clothing.  It means that I am investing in classic pieces …wardrobe staples if you will.  I find myself investing in items that will be bound to last me for years to come (such as this trench).  In fact, 9 times out of 10 that I purchase an item, it is a classic, timeless piece.  The other 1 time out of 10 is reserved for a trendy item.

Being classically dressed also means that I am incorporating trends sparingly and thoughtfully into my outfits and wardrobe.  In thinking of trendy items, I think of two main rules:  (1) purchase trendier pieces at minimum & (2) spend less on them.  Trendy items are not those that you want to necessarily invest in because, they are more often than not, gone in the blink of an eye.  What is fabulous one season, is gone the next.One easy way that I incorporate trends into my outfit is by creating a classic, timeless outfit in my mind (or on hangers) then replace one of the items in the outfit for a trendier piece.  For example, here I paired a classic striped shirt, seasonless black trench coat, structured tote, basic distressed skinny jeans and a pair of simple black flats together to create the base of a look.  Then, I wanted to add a little something-something so I removed the flats and added in a trendy piece:  my fur lined mules.

In building an outfit that is based off of the classics and then removing an item and replacing it with a trend, the addition of a trend vouched for a perfectly acceptable implementation of a trend without being too overdone.  The trend is part of the outfit, but looks as though it belongs there and is essentially down played and brought to a level in which if feels natural.

As trendy items are often tough to wear, in starting with a classic outfit and then manipulating it from there, you essentially give yourself the framework for outfit success.  In the end, the trend piece is given classic appeal due to what it’s paired with.  This also means that 30 years down the road, you will still remain a classic as your grandchildren look though your old photos and comment on how their grandmother was an amazingly chic woman.



|  Trench:  Burberry  (similar for less here)  |  Top:  Nordstrom  |  Denim:  Joes  |  Flats:  Steve Madden  |  Handbag:  Ceine  |

In this day and age, we all hold incredibly busy lives. I’m without doubt one of those people that tends to have too much to do rather than not enough. I hold a full time job (that I absolutely adore but is BUSY and somewhat demanding to say the least), run this little slice of the internet, and attend graduate school. Oh, did I mention that I attempt to spend time with family and friends in there too? That being said, I’m quite happy with how life is. You see, I would much rather be busy than bored. To be completely honest, I never quite understand what people mean when they say they’re “bored.”  The concept is pretty foreign to me. There’s always so much to do!  However, a busy schedule can sometimes mean little time for yourself. It’s then when I become a little overwhelmed. However, I do have a few remedies for regaining my sanity and re-centering myself. Read on for some tips that may help bring you back to calm and focus on the positive side of life. 1.  Write down everything going right in your life. 

When it feels as though everything is going wrong, one of the easiest ways to focus myself is by evaluating all of the good things that are currently happening in my life. Grab a cute journal and write down everything your thankful for in your life right this minute. You’ll be surprised at how many positive things you’ve got going on. It really helps to put the negative into perspective. 2.  Do something physical. 

“Exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy. “-as stated by Elle Woods

As far as I’m concerned, Elle Woods is 100% right. When things get too stressful my favorite way to center myself is by going on a long run. There’s something so soothing about the rhythm of my feet hitting the pavement with some strong rap music blaring through my headphones. The first mile is never my favorite, but after that I’m in my happy place. When I’m finished with my run, I’ve almost always worked through the problems stirring in my mind.  
3. Indulge in a guilty pleasure. 

Buy a pair of shoes, eat your favorite dessert, watch your favorite movie, etc. Do something that always makes you happy. These kinds of things always tend to add a little positivity to your day.  4.  Pamper yourself. 

Get your hair done, give yourself a manicure, put on a face mask, or take a long hot bath. View my pampering routine here.  Sometimes, doing something kind for yourself is just what you need to reset your mood. 5.  Go somewhere peaceful. 

Whether your sitting outside in your backyard in the sunshine, organizing your closet (I know I’m weird but organizing relaxes me), sitting on the beach listening to the waves crash, taking a hike up a pretty trail, or visiting a quiet art museum, finding somewhere quiet and peaceful will do you wonders. Often times, just finding somewhere to be alone with your thoughts can really help you to calm down and work through your problems. 

Hope this gave you a new idea as to how to relax when you’re stressed. What are some of your favorite ways to relax and re-center after you’ve been overwhelmed? Please share your ideas with me. 



|  Trench:  old; nearly identical here  |  Pants:  Paige  |  Top:  Nordstrom  |  Loafers:  Nicholas Kirkwood (love this bow version for much less)  |  Handbag:  Valentino  |

I’m not sure how the weather is where you live, but here in California, the weather can’t seem to make up their mind.  Last week were were in the 50s and this week we are in the 80s.  However, most mornings begin in the 30s.  That being said, with these constant shifts in temperature, dressing can be slightly difficult!  There are two keys for dressing during this change in the seasons:  checking the weather and layering.

  1. Trade your boots for flats/heels.

With the changes in temperature, boots can be too warm for this season.  It’s time to return to flats/heels.  Your feet won’t freeze in the morning and your feet will thank you during the warmer afternoon weather.

2.  Trade your heavy coat for a light trench.

Gone are the wintery days of heavy coats.   In an effort to deal with the temperature changes, a light trench will be your best friend.  It easy packs with you and is the perfect weight for those chilly mornings or evening breezes after the sun sets.  It’s something that I consistently have with me during the Spring months.

3.  Accessories are key.

Add a scarf for the morning/evening hours to help keep you warm.  It’s an easy layer that can easily be removed as the day goes on.  In the afternoon, you can change it for a statement necklace to add a little personality to your look instead.

4.  Add a pop of color.

Spring means  adding color back into your wardrobe.  I adore adding color with my accessories.  A bright bag or fun shoe is always a win in my book for Spring.

5.  Layer in Thin Layers.

Thin, light layers will be your friend during this month.  Instead of wearing a heavy sweater, opt for one that is featherweight.  Opt for a light jacket over a thick wool one.  Layering in multiple thin pieces will allow you to transition as the weather changes without the day with greater ease.  Here, I’ve opted for a thin sweater, thin trench coat, and scarf.  While this is something that I would wear in the morning/evening, throughout the day, this look lends itself easily to removing layers and still looking stylish.

|  Handbag:  Vintage Chanel  |  Stole:  Banana Republic  (old; similar here)  |  Denim:  Joes  |  Top:  Equipment  |  Trench:  Burberry(nearly identical for much less here)  |  Flats:  Christian Louboutin  (look for less here)  |

What are some of your favorite tips for dressing for the transition from Winter to Spring?



While at first glance, those leather leggings in your closet might look only appropriate for a night out on the town.  Not so!  In fact, they are an amazing choice for daytime!  However, in order to make them daytime appropriate, a few simple styling tips should be followed.  

1.  Pay Attention to Proportions.

Leggings are tight.  This means that no other component of your outfit should be skin tight.  In fact, pairing leggings with looser silhouettes is ideal.

2.  Pair with Feminine Colors and Textures.

Leather is a “tough” fabric.  It looks best, in my opinion, when paired with more feminine pieces.  For example, pair yours with a blush pink sweater, a lacy top, a cozy light colored sweater, or heels.  However, I wouldn’t advise pairing them with a leather jacket as that also adds toughness to your look…and too much of something is rarely a good thing.

3.  Pair with a Long Button Down or Tunic Style Top.

Remember, these are leggings.  Now, leather pants are different and can be treated as pants.  However, if they have a stretchy waistband or no zipper, they are leggings and should be treated as such.  Always pair leggings with top that covers your bum.  

4.  Grab a Blazer.

Pairing a blazer on top of leather leggings is an excellent way to add some personality and dressiness to them.  Still, ensure you’ve got a longline blazer on or a top that is on the longer side.  

5.  Choose Neutral Colored Leather Leggings.

Leather leggings are already a statement.  Choose black, dark burgundy (almost black), or another dark neutral.  Leave the printed, bright colored, or pastel leather pants on the rack.  They make enough of a statement without added emphasis of color.  Anything other than black is difficult to make chic as they tend to look more Halloween appropriate instead.

Leather pants can be your daytime friend with ease.  They are a fashionista’s dream when styled well.  I cannot stop wearing them.  They add so much personality and flair to any look.  What is your favorite chic way to wear leather leggings?



| Sweater:  old; similar here  |  Shirt:  Nordstrom  |  Pants:  Express  |  Heels:  Banana Republic  |  Handbag:  Vintage Chanel  |

Monday was my 31st birthday…goodness I feel old saying that in a community that is dominated by those in their twenties.  However, I’m thrilled to be 31…every single year we get is so very precious!  I thought it might be interesting to share with you a little more about myself.  In honor of my 31st birthday, here are 31 things you might not know about me.  If you’ve been a long time follower you may be familiar with some of these but I’m sure some will still surprise you.

  • I’m an extroverted introvert.  I adore going out and about and relishing in new experiences.  In fact, I get the itch to leave the house if we stay for too long.  However, I despise small talk and don’t particularly enjoy social situations.  After being social, I need some alone time to recharge.
  • I’ve taught elementary education for almost a decade but this past year I became an administrator at an elementary school.
  • I could watch 50s movies and television exclusively.  I Love Lucy, Rebel Without a Cause, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s are some of my all time favorites that get watched repeatedly.
  • That being said, I don’t particularly like TV.  When my husband isn’t home the TV really doesn’t turn on.  I would much rather spend my time online clicking through sites or watching some random YouTube tutorial than TV any day.
  • I’m lactose intolerant but OBSESSED with cheese and ice cream.  It’s ridiculous that my brain doesn’t equate that I shouldn’t love them.

  • Taking blogging photos is the most awkward experience.  It never fails every time we take a series of photos in public someone has to stop and make a comment that embarrasses me…I think everyone assumes I’m torturing my husband and I’m a self absorbed egomaniac. haha
  • I refuse to have chipped nails.  I think they are one of the fastest ways to ruin a look.  A bare set of nails is far superior to a set of chipped ones.
  • While I don’t get the chance to do it as often as I would like, I adore running.  There’s something so freeing about it.  It’s the perfect way to clear my head and regain some emotional stability after a tough day.  I can’t wait for daylight savings time to begin so I can actually run after work more.
  • I despised the fact that we were moving to the country 3 years ago from the city & now I actually like it.  After a long work day, it’s so calming to come home to a quiet place.  The only drawback is really having to plan out trips to stores as the nearest ones are 20 minutes away (though I’ll only go to those when I really need something urgently) and the ones I actually will shop in (& places we like to go) are an hour away from our home.  Otherwise, the quiet solitude makes up it most of the time.
  • I’m a lipstick hoarder.  I can’t stop purchasing lipstick.  Every time I go to Sephora, Nordstrom, or Cos Bar, I find myself with the strong impulse to purchase a new YSL, Tom Ford, or Charlotte Tilbury lip product.

  • If I’m your friend, you’ve got me for the long haul.  There aren’t many people that I let in, but if I do, I absolutely love you.  Thankfully, all of my closest friends understand that I may not call them for a month or so because life gets so very busy and time passes before I know it.  However, my friends are the ones I can pick up with just where we left off and it’s never a big deal.  These are the people that I would drop anything for.
  • For the past year or so, my husband and I have dedicated Sundays to staying home.  Our lives are pretty hectic…Sunday is our day to catch up and relax at home.  I love to clean the house and then do an at home spa day with face masks, hair masks, body scrubs, and a long bath.  These days always help to get me ready for the week ahead.
  • I’m addicted to going to the theatre.  My hubby and I see a movie on the big screen nearly every week.
  • I can’t function without a cup (or three) of coffee.   I’m incredibly picky in terms of which coffee because most don’t make my tastebuds happy.  I adore Keurig’s Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Coffee with a small splash of vanilla creamer.
  • I just enrolled myself in graduate school to obtain my Master’s of Educational Leadership & Administrative Credential.  I am starting courses really soon.  Life is about to get even busier.  I’m so excited!

  • I refuse to be bored.  I can’t remember a time when I was bored.  I tend to have everything planned out quite a ways ahead of time leaving little time with nothing to do.  I work a full time job during the day that’s so busy I never have a chance to even check social media (most days, I’m wondering, “what’s lunch?!”),  run my blog, am enrolled in grad school and have my family.  Suffice to say, I would much rather be busy than bored.  I wouldn’t have it any other way!
  • Shoes are my weakness.  I probably own over 150 pairs of shoes.  There’s always a pair (or five) on my radar.  I literally have a wall of shoes in my closet.  It’s semi embarrassing!

  • I’m a chronic over dresser.  I would much rather be over dressed than underdressed any day.  It’s actually an odd fear of mine to be too dressed down for any occasion.
  • I hated cats until we got ours years ago.  I used to insist that they were the dumbest animals.  Now, I absolutely adore them.  Perhaps it’s because ours seem to act like dogs.
  • I love to bake.  Cooking isn’t my favorite though.  However, baking dessert has become what I’m known for in the family.  Family favorites include pretzel cookies, toffee sea salt cookies, cherry cheese pie ring & dump cake.

  • I’m a 2 am serial online shopper.  Though this no shopping year is making me change my ways, I typically shop during the dead of the night when the world (and my husband) is asleep.  Shopping in store is never as good in my eyes.
  • I want a french bulldog so bad!  Enough said…they have a mega cuteness factor!
  • I have pedicures because I have to, not because I like it.  I kind of have a foot phobia and hate whenever anyone touches my feet.

  • Accessories (in terms of fashion) are when I would rather spend my money.  I feel as though clothes are a waste most of the time when it comes to investing but a good bag, pair of shoes, bracelet, etc. will carry you through multiple seasons.
  • Bucket list places to visit change & grow by the day, but off the top of my head tonight, I would love to hop on a plane and visit Bora Bora, Italy, Paris, Australia, Charleston, NYC.  Anyone want to buy my plane tickets?

  • I don’t tolerate dramatics.  If you bring any sort of drama or negativity to my life I tend to back away and leave.   I don’t have the time or energy for those who live their lives as such.  Life is too short to spend it focusing on the bad.
  • I don’t leave the house without my watch, rings, diamond studs and a spritz of either Tom Ford Champaca (my wedding fragrance & now reserved most exclusively for the weekend), Byredo Gypsy Water (weekdays) or one of my other Tom Ford fragrances.
  • Vintage Chanel melts my heart.  I think most of you already knew that.  However, you could offer me a brand new Chanel bag and a vintage one and nine times out of ten I would choose the vintage one.  They are made with such amazing craftsmanship and the materials are so much heartier on vintage pieces.

  • My favorite stores include Nordstrom, Saks, Neimans, Club Monaco, Banana Republic, Revolve, Anthropologie, J.Crew….the list could easily continue.
  • I am able to write what I’m thinking and feeling so much more coherently and meaningfully than when speaking.  Sometimes I feel as though my mouth speaks before my brain has finished it’s thought.  It’s something I’m working daily on improving & now that I’m conscious of it, it’s a lot easier to slow myself down and focus on what I’m saying.
  • I want to be Audrey Hepburn.  The grace, style, and positive influence on the world has me striving to take on similar qualities.

|  Jacket: J.Crew  |  Tee:  Madewell  |  Scarf:  Zappos  |  Leggings:  Express  |  Shoes:  Louboutin (similar from Ann Taylor ) |

Thank you all for stopping by to read today!  Also, thank you all for the birthday wishes!



Picture this…or don’t picture it because you actually live it every single morning like I do:  You’ve enjoyed a few extra minutes of sleep and as a result have limited your time outfit planning.  You’re due to leave the house in five minutes and yet you don’t have an outfit pulled together quite yet.  Safe to say, you’re in a rush and need to be able to build an adorable compliment getting outfit with great ease.  (Honestly, I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to get better about this.  Planning outfits the night before is a HUGE goal that I hold, but I can’t quite seem to metastasize it quite yet.  All in good time, right?!)  In the meantime, I have quite the easy solution for you! Good outfits essentially boil down to a fail proof formula that help to elevate them from “okay…” to “Wow!”

Simply stated, your typical outfit comprises of two elements… (1) a top and  (2) a bottom or a dress and (3) shoes.  Easy right?!  Well, it can be safely stated that if you walked out of the house with just those three things on, your outfit might be cute, but it most likely doesn’t get much in terms of compliments.  With just that, there is a certain element missing.  Thankfully, it is incredibly easy to add on in the rushed hurried nature that is most of our mornings.  I guarantee this fix takes under 3 seconds to add onto your outfit and compliments geared towards your outfit will skyrocket.

It’s simple.  Take your normal top, bottom and shoes combo and add a completer piece.  What is a completer piece you might ask?  A completer piece is an item added to your outfit that might not necessarily be necessary but adds another layer and dimension to your outfit.  A completer piece is an item that is added in addition to the top/pants/shoes combination that you are already wearing.

Examples of such include:

Layering Clothing:  Blazers, Coats, Jackets, Vests, Shawls, Sweaters, Cardigans, Etc.

Accessories:  Hats, Belts, Statement Necklaces, Brooches, Bracelet Stacks, Scarves, etc.

In this outfit, I started with a simple blush pink sweater and boyfriend jeans with statement flats.  However, the outfit lacked some personality, so I employed the rule of the completer piece to elevate it.  I added this thin topcoat draped over my shoulders for added style.  I also scored a few bonus points by adding in a statement belt and doing a small tuck with my sweater to expose it.  This small change really took my outfit from basic to stylized in seconds.  The completer piece truly transforms the outfit and gives it added personality.

Next time your getting dressed in a rush, while you have a pair of pants and a top on, think of how you might add a completer piece to elevate your look to the next level.  Even the simple addition of a hat or a blazer as a completer piece can take your outfit from basic to fashionable in seconds.  What is your favorite completer piece to use?  Share the ways that you love to implement your completer pieces!



|  Coat:  Old Navy  (old; similar here)  |  Cashmere:  Vince (nearly identical here)  |  Denim:  Joes (see this post on how to find the perfect size for you)  |  Flats:  Valentino (affordable dupe here)  |  Handbag:  Valentino  |  Sunnies:  Chanel  |

Monochromatic outfits (i.e.-single color outfits) are always so chic and have an effortless vibe to them.  Since they are one seamless color from head to toe, they have the ability to make you appear taller and leaner as they create a long visual line.  They are always some of my favorites to wear on a daily basis as they are typically quick to pull together as long as you take a few little things into account when doing so.  Here are my tips for creating a perfect monochromatic outfit. 1.  Choose a Color You’re Comfortable In & Evaluate What You Have in Your Closet.

Choosing a color to base your outfit off of that makes you feel comfortable is key.  Be sure to choose a color that makes you feel confident.  Start pulling pieces from your closet from the same color family.  Evaluate if you have enough to comprise an entire outfit.  One easy place to start is with neutrals:  white, brown, navy, black, or gray.  These colors tend to lend you the most options when it comes to pairings.

2.  Choose Shades From The Same Color Family. 

Essentially, it goes without saying that when creating a monochromatic outfit, you should wear clothes that are the same color.  However, exact tones don’t need to match.  In fact, I wouldn’t really worry about it much at all.  Instead, go for clothes in the same color family.  Here I have varying shades of white, eggshell, cream, and nude in this monochromatic outfit.  The differing colors look intentional and work together despite not being the exact same shade of white.  In fact, your outfit will actually look better if it involves variations of the same color rather than a matchy matchy pairing of colors as it creates more visual interest.   Remember to also think about incorporating shoes into the outfit as well!


3.  Add Texture.

Texture is your best friend when creating a monochromatic outfit.  With the outfit is the same color family, without varying textures, the outfit has the potential to get a little boring.  In having textures vary, you ensure that your outfit has a little personality.  My denim white pants and cotton tee are completely upgraded by the added texture of the fur and studs on the bag.  Texture is what makes this outfit.  Look for denim, chiffon, leather, silk, suede, sequins,  wool, linen, textured fabrics, fur, and other pieces that have visual interest.

4.  Balance with Proportions.

This is a rule for every outfit.  Be sure your outfit has balance.  If you are wearing a looser top, as I am here, be sure to wear something closer fitting on the bottom.  Whereas, if you’re wearing a full skirt, be sure to pair it with a fitted top.  Balance & proportions when creating outfits is key.


5.  Add Visual Interest With Patterns.

If you feel as though your outfit could use a little added personality, don’t be afraid to add some print to your outfit using the color family that you’ve created your outfit from.  A beautiful scarf, printed shoe, or patterned top could all be fabulous ways to add interest to a monochromatic outfit.   Monochromatic outfits make getting dressed in the morning a breeze (not to mention make you look insanely chic) as long as they are done with some intention.  Adding visual flare using varying shades of the same hue & texture, acknowledging proportions, and a splash of confidence are sure to skyrocket your look to result in compliments!  Have you tried wearing monochromatic outfits?  What are your thoughts on them?

|  Fur:  Revolve  |  Denim:  Paige  |  Heels:  Louboutin (similar for less here)  |  Handbag:  Valentino  |  Sunnies:  Karen Walker  |



Happy Friday!  I am so thrilled that the weekend is upon us. I adore my job but there’s always something special that the weekend brings. For me, I adore donning a pair of jeans (since I’m unable to wear them to work all week long) and spending some time with my husband, family & friends. Quality time is always at the top of my weekend priority list because my busy schedule during the week doesn’t really allow for much of it.  That being said, weekends can easily get stuck into a routine (or rut!) and often a change of pace is just what you need in order to feel relaxed and refreshed for a week ahead.
My husband and I broke from our normal routine last weekend (I wore this outfit for our date and it lended itself easily to every activity). We both commented various times how fun and refreshing the change of pace truely was for us. Since Valentine’s Day is this week, and the spirit of love is in the air (though I hope for you it is all year), I thought it might be fun to list ten different ways that you might spend the weekend bonding with your other half. Here are ten ways that might be fun to spend a romantic weekend with your significant other: 1.  Go somewhere you’ve never been for brunch or lunch. Our normal is a lunch date on Saturdays. This past weekend we flipped what we normally do and headed out early for brunch at a place we both hadn’t been to for years. We both found ourselves trying new things and giggling in the process.

2.  Find a local farmers market & explore. We adore farmers market and seeing the yummy treats and crafts that the vendors have. This past weekend we attended one in a different city than normal and happily went home with new delectable tea and a cute craft project in mind too!

3. Go to an early movie. I’ll be honest, we go to the movies a lot. They’re one of our favorite things to do together. However, we’ve found that by going to one of the first movies of the day, we avoid the crowds and feel as though we basically have the theatre to ourselves.
4. Take a Hike. Find a trail with some beautiful scenery and go explore. My favorites near us have breathtaking views of the ocean and marine life.

5. Take a class. Be it a pottery class, painting class, photography class or a cooking class…. find one that makes you both smile. Find a class where you can both learn something new together.
6.   Go Tasting. Wine, beer, chocolate, dessert, wings, whatever strikes your fancy. Make a day of visiting places and finding the best of whatever you love most.

7.  Have an adventure. Go to an amusement park and ride the craziest rides, go on a hot air balloon ride (I am dying to do this), find some horse back riding sessions or rent a sports car. Find something totally out of the ordinary for you and have a ball with it!
8.  Find some quality live entertainment. Attend a concert, local improv comedy,  live play or karaoke.
 9. Compete! Find a game that you can play together. Whether a board game (cards against humanity is forever our favorite) or a sporty game, find something you can be part of together. Going paint balling, shooting, kickboxing, bike riding, golfing….anything to get you competive. 10.  Be present. No matter what you choose, put your phone away and actually be present. Too often we are attached to technology and struggle to detach ourselves and really be present together. The key to a fun romantic weekend is truely detaching yourself from social media and your phone and enjoying each other’s company. Have fun!:) 

|  Coat:  Club Monaco  |  Sweater:  J.Crew  |  Denim:  Joes (size up 3-4 sizes for a boyfriend fit…see post here about boyfriend jeans)  |  Flats:  Valentino (look for less here)

Hope these ideas have you some inspiration as to how to have a fun, relaxing and rejuvenating romantic weekend with your other half! Happy early Valentines Day!