//Sweater:  Forever 21 // Shirt:  Forever 21 (love this) // Denim:  Paige // Boots:  Tory Burch (this season’s version…on SALE!!!) // Clutch:  The Providence Story (love this even more!) //

For some reason, Fall brings out my inner prepster.  I absolutely gravitate back toward classic pieces such as this super affordable (& well made) turtleneck from Forever 21.  The striped shirt underneath it gives it a modern and young edge to keep it from looking too mature.  The boots are such an amazing buy and I would highly recommend them as you will have them for years to come! My favorite part about all of these pieces is that they are timeless.  I can still imagine myself wearing them years from now because of their classic lines.  These classic pieces are the kind of pieces that you should build your wardrobe around!




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