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Hope your weekend went well!  This past week I had the rare chance to do some in store shopping.  If you know me at all, you know that I’m a serial online shopper.  I don’t get to try things on in store quite often.  However, this past week, I had a few hours to myself after work and decided to do a few try ons.  Here are my thoughts and impressions of the items I tried on and ultimately what I purchased, what I didn’t like, and what I’m kicking myself for not purchasing.  I thought it would be fun to shop along with me, like you would with your girlfriends!  Hope this helps you with any Fall shopping you might be doing!


Forever 21 Olive Trench:

I’m wearing a small here.  This would look stunning over distressed denim, nude heels, and gray tee.  It was pretty good quality and inexpensive for what it is at under $50.

Verdict:  LOVED.  It stayed at the store though because I own multiple green jackets…I’m currently debating going back and snatching it up though.


Forever 21:  Marled Cardigan

This is a one size fits all.  It was snuggly and warm.  However, it seems to be a lot like so many that I already own.  It appears as though it is in store only right now.

Verdit:  Stayed.


Banana Republic Plaid Jacket:  

I’m in a 2 here.  I probably could have size down but it wasn’t available.  It fit a little too boxy for my taste but it was incredibly classic.

Verdict:  Stayed.


Banana Republic Tiered Striped Dress:  

I LOVED THIS!  I’m in a 0 here.  I adored the striped detailing.  It would be super cute with booties!

Verdict:  Kicking myself for leaving it!


Free People Boucle Cardigan:

This was by far my favorite thing that I tried on.  It is just the softest cardigan ever.  You may remember this post with the pink version of it.  Well, I found out that it was on sale and I had to try on the other color!  This will be my uniform for all of Fall!

Verdict:  Purchased.  Couldn’t buy it fast enough!


Banana Republic Tan Jacket:

This is the one item that’s on my lust list.  It’s a little pricier than I had wanted to spend that day.  However it is DREAMY.  It’s a jacket that I know I would have for years to come.  Now I’m just waiting on a sale.  Must have!

Verdict:  Left.  However, the second it’ on sale.  I will be ordering!


Banana Republic Dress:

This was so cute!  I loved the silky fabric so much!  It I didn’t have a similar dress (I love this one so much more) it would have come home with me.

Verdict:  Stayed but LOVED!


Forever 21:  Tan Cardigan

This one was so cozy.  It felt much more luxe than your regular F21 piece.  It’s one of the store’s diamonds in the rough.

Verdict:  It stayed reluctantly because I purchased another brown cardigan that day.


Banana Republic Hat:

For some reason, I thought that this was full price.  Apparently, just now when looking it up for all of you, it is over half off.  I started instantly regretting now purchasing it.  I wear my tan version of this hat all.  the.  time!  It’s so cute and versatile when you just don’t want to bother with your hair!

Verdict:  Ordering!


Free People White Tee:

I loved this the second I put it on.  It was so comfy and cozy.  I’m in a small here.  With it being on sale, it was a complete no brainer for me.

Verdict:  Purchased!

White House Black Market Pink Jacket

I’m in a size 2 here.  This was super luxe and comfortable.  I debated purchasing it.  However, I recently purchased a pink moto style jacket so I left this one.  It’s gorgeous though!

Verdict:  Stayed due to something similar in my closet.


White House Black Market Tan Jacket:  

This jacket was dreamy.  The fabric quality as excellent and I loved the unique fit of it.  It reminded me of a designer jacket that I’ve been lusting after.

Verdit:  Reluctantly left it.  It’s on major sale and I think I need to order it.  It’s a wardrobe staple.

Hope this little guide helped any of you shopping for your Fall wardrobe!

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