Happy Friday Eve!

I did a little bit of in store shopping this past week and thought you all might enjoy seeing what I gravitated towards.  I apologize ahead of time as this does not include my shoe shopping shenanigans in San Francisco this past weekend.  That’s the horrible part of the shoe section for me…I get so excited that I don’t seem to be able to pull my phone out and snap any pictures during the process.  More on the shoes to come in future posts though!  Anyway, here are the items that I tried on during the shopping trip and a final verdict on what actually went home with me!


Topshop Blazer:

I’m in a US 2 here.  I loved the long slouchy look of it.  It is great styled as is here or dressed up for work.

Verdict:  Stayed.


Sincerely Jules Top:

I’m in a small here.  Looking at pictures of this REALLY makes me wish I had purchased it.  However, the fabric was thin and I wasn’t entirely sure it was worth the price tag.  That being said, looking back, I adored the fit of it enough to quite possibly make up for it.

Verdict:  Stayed but still debating.


Leith Dress:

I’m in a small here.  This cotton dress is so good.  In fact it’s so delightful that I felt as though I needed it in both colors.  It will style perfectly for fall with booties and a cardigan.  It would look just as stunning with heels and a great statement necklace.  The possibilities are endless.

Verdict:  Purchased in both colors.


Leith Dress:

This is the same dress from above in black.  I’m obsessed (see above for details).  I’m in a small here.

Verdict:  Purchased in both colors.


Banana Republic Jacket:

I tried this coat on in the last dressing room diaries and fell in love.  However, I made myself wait for a sale.  It went on sale and I pulled the trigger.  I’m in a 0.

Verdict:  Purchased.  Welcome home beautiful coat!


Hand Cream:

You know that glorious smell when you walk into an Anthropologie store?  This hand cream is it in a bottle.  It’s AMAZING!

Lip Balm:

I adore these lip balms so much!  When I saw that there was an orange/rose version, I had to have it.  This is so good!

Fox Bottle Opener (sold out but similar here):

I have this thing for foxes.  When I saw that this bottle opener was on sale, it was a no brainer!  I mean, how cute is this?!

Verdict for all three:  Purchased.  Welcome home cute goodies!


Cat Phone Case:

Kitchy critters are my fave.  I have adored this phone case from afar for so long.  I walk into Kate Spade made it mandatory that it came home with me.

Verdict:  Purchased.



You know how a few sentences ago I said I had a thing for foxes?  Well, this was clearly a no brainer!  This adorable cup grabbed my attention the second I saw it.

Verdict:  Purchased & currently using to drink my tea right at this moment!


This cozy leopard scarf was such a great price that I couldn’t pass it up!  It will look so amazing with an all black or all white outfit!  I can also see it paired with a chambray shirt & black pants!

Verdict:  Purchased. 

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my little space on the internet today!




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