Gift guide season is upon us.  For the next few weeks I will be bringing you various gift guides for the loved ones in your life that will be aimed at helping you to make Christmas extra amazing for them.  Today, I thought I would start out with one that I can most easily relate to…How to nail Christmas for her.  This is my personal lust list of items that I’m currently dying over.  There are some that I’m having to practice some extra restraint not to purchase before the holidays and know that these would make any girl’s Christmas one for the record books!  Keep checking back in the next few weeks as I will be posting some other gift picks for beauty, home, men, and more!

Disclaimer:  I am by no means expecting anyone to get me things off of my list but these are things that I personally adore and know that many of you will too!

Here we go:

1 & 2 -The SMEG Toaster and Teakettle are the cutest thing ever.  I have adored these for years and have yet to order because we already have a functioning toaster.  This is one gift that will spice up your living area and give a pop of color to your countertops.  They’re too cute, and yes, I would NOT want them to match.  I truly think the pink and green are the prettiest of the colors.

3 – Christian Louboutin Lipstick in Just Nothing – 705M.  I’m so eager to try these lipsticks.  I know they’re pricy.  However, they are as much a decoration/necklace as they are a lipstick.  For the girl in your life that is OBSESSED with Louboutin, this is the way to go.  You get a hint of designer with all the good beauty product your heart can hold.  The red Rouge Louboutin – 001M color is also a stunner!

4 – Charlotte Tillbury Kit:  Earlier this year I ordered a few of Charlotte Tilbury’s lipsticks and lipliners.  Let me just tell you they are amazing.  They are buttery smooth and have great color payoff.  I am so eager to try more colors and more pieces of her line because of this!  I think this would be an amazing way to try it all!  Any beauty girl in your life is sure to squeal over this one.

5 – Cashmere joggers.  Ugh.  Dreamy!  I’m so swooning over getting a pair of 100% cashmere joggers that it’s downright ridiculous.  I tend to spend all day Sunday and most nights after work in yoga tights and think these would be a serious upgrade.  I’m smitten with all things pure cashmere (blends just aren’t as amazing) as of late.   Can you imagine cuddling up in these, drinking some coffee and reading your favorite book?!  For sizing reference:  Based on sizing reviews, I think they run true to size & I would get my normal size xs.  These would be excellent for any girl that loves to be cozy but loves the feel of luxury!

6 – These PJs are the best there is.  I own quite a few pairs of them but cannot seem to get enough.  The pink stripes are always a winner as are the gray stripes and all black pair!  They are silky and don’t make you too hot or cold during the night like some fabrics can.  For sizing reference:  I find these to fit true to size and wear my normal size xs in these.  These are a winner for any girl.  I love knowing that even though I’m going to bed I’m still looking mostly put together.

7 – These jeans are so good.  The rips are in the perfect place.  I have tried these on and absolutely adored how they fit.  That’s saying something because jeans can be difficult to find.  For sizing reference:  When I tried them on, I found these to run true to size in my normal 25.  These would be a perfect replacement for my poor jeans that’s distressing has begun to get a wee bit too much (from being so worn and loved) in the past few months.  Any fashionista knows a pair of distressed denim is critical in her wardrobe.  These are perfect.

8 – This curling iron is amazing.  The white color and the technology behind it have me swooning.  I adore the 1.25″ barrel as it will give you perfect curls.  I’ve been wanting to switch to this iron from my current wand as I’m wanting sleeker curls as of late that my wand just doesn’t seem to give me.  This is swoon worthy.

9 – Diptyque candles are to die for.  Their scents are amazing and this scent is right up my alley!  I adore the packaging and can already see it burning on my living room coffee table at night while watching a movie with hot cocoa in hand.  Dreamy right?

10 – Byredo Gypsy Water Perfume is a scent that I’ve admired so many times on our trips to the city.  It’s a rarer scent that not everyone and their mother will be wearing.  It’s one that I’ve adored for so long but for some reason or other haven’t bit the bullet on yet but am dying to.  It’s one of those scents that can easily become your signature.  Seriously lusting after this adorable little bottle of liquid!

11 – By Terry Baume de Rose is a product that I have adored from afar for years.  It’s a cult fave lip product that it holy grail for so many people.  I have used the Dior Rose Balm for years and adore it but this seems even more luxe.  I’ve heard amazing reviews and it’s a cute little rosy pink jar that you can keep on your bedside table.  What’s not to love?

12- This fur jacket is at the TOP of my list.  Honestly, I’m hoping that I can hold it together and not order this one on my own before Christmas.  It’s neutral tone will go with everything in your wardrobe.  I don’t know if you all have noticed but my love affair with neutrals lately has been strong and this would fit in so beautifully with so many outfits.  It’s a complete stunner.  For sizing reference, based on sizing recommendations, I would best fit an xs (my normal size).  This is one piece that will add luxury to any outfit you pair with it and is a must have.

13 – This Cashmere Travel Wrap/Scarf is what dreams are made of being that it’s cozy cashmere at it’s finest.  It’s soft and snuggly.  It’s the PERFECT scarf.  It’s big enough to double as a blanket while on a cold airplane or in a chilly movie theatre.  A cashmere wrap is a must have in any wardrobe and is a clear winner for any luxe lover.

14 – This Gucci Belt is on every fashion girl’s radar.  It’s sleek and timeless.  At it’s price point, it is much cheaper than other designer belts.  The one at the link is extra dreamy because it has an extra pop of interest with the pop of red striping.  I’m typically a size 2 and wear an 80 or 85 (both work for me) to give you a sense of sizing.  This is one package that any girl that opens it will automatically squeal!

15 – This Valentino Glam Lock is the bag that I’ve had my eye on for quite some time.  It’s been on my wishlist for months.  Honestly, I would forgo all presents for a year or two just for this little baby.  I know a lot of you would also adore the pink color combined with beautiful leather and studded detailing.

16- This Saint Laurent Small Sac de Jour is so amazing.  I LOVE the beige color so much because it goes with every single outfit.  The design of this bag has Birkin vibes and is one that you would have for decades to come.  It’s another one that would be worth forgoing all other gifts in order to receive.

Hope you all love these as much as I do!




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