One of my favorite ways to pamper myself and get prepared for the week ahead is by completing certain beauty rituals once a week. You could do one of these nightly, however I most prefer taking a day on the weekend (Sunday is my favorite) and do them all at once. It’s such a relaxing experience that I look forward to all week. So, grab your coziest robe, softest slippers, a great smelling candle and your favorite beverage and  commence!
Here are my favorite practices:

1.  Give your hair a treat. 

I adore putting a good mask in my hair once a week and letting it sink in for a few hours. 

Bumble & Bumble: This hair mask is so cool! You apply it to dirty hair and let it sink in. It’s a mask that gives your hair so much more softness! I apply it to dirty hair and wait a few hours then shampoo it out. 

Olaplex:  This is the best mask I’ve ever seen!  I get my hair wet and towel it dry. Then I apply my favorite mask: Olaplex. Olaplex is a healing treatment that renews the quality of your hair. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s the best for renewing your hair and eliminating damage. 

| Hair Mask | olaplex |

2. Do an at home micro-dermabrasion. 

This little gem has been in my beauty arsenal for YEARS! It feels like it gives me a whole new layer of skin. While pretty gentle, it’s powerful! It buffs away all the dull dry skin and leaves you so very glowy. It’s a holy grail item for me!

| Olay at home Microdermabrasion |

3. Scrub and Mositurize. 

After the mask, it’s time for shower. I adore this scrub from Trader Joe’s. The lavender scent is so calming and the scrub is the best one I’ve tried. It’s hydrating but exfoliates so well. 

After a shower, I apply a thicker cream. I try to do it within 3 minutes of exiting the shower as that’s when your skin is most receptive to adding moisture. This one from Bath and Body Works is my favorite. I love anything almond scented. 

| Scrub: in store at Trader Joe’s | Bath & Body Works Lotion| 

4.  Face Mask!

Face masks come next while your pores are still open. The following are all ones I adore.

 I have to say, the Sephora sheet masks are a fun treat. 

The Aveda mask is wonderful to sleep in. When you awake, you have the skin of a bride. It’s a game changer. 

The Glam Glow mask is great for adding moisture and is one of my all time faves. 

The Bouncy Mask leaves your skin so revitalized. It plumps and gives you the most radiant complexion. 

The Boscia Mask is great when my skin feels congested. I love being able to peel away the mask and all of my clogged pores with it!

| Lotus Face Mask | Green Tea Face Mask | Pearl Face Mask | Aveda Wedding Mask| Glam Glow Mask | Bouncy Mask | Boscia Luminizing Mask

5. Bath & Manicure. 

This is my favorite part. When the day is just about over, draw yourself a hot bath with this amazing lavender bubble bath. It’s great for helping you to relax and gets you totally ready for bed. I find that grabbing a good book, a candle and maybe even a glass of wine sends this to the next level. 

After toweling off, applying lotion & donning your favorite pjs, give yourself a manicure. These Essie gel polishes are the best I’ve found. 

| Bubble Bath | Essie Nail Polish

Do you have any at home beauty treatments you love? Any of these you’re wanting to try? Share yours with me! This girl is always looking to find new ways to relax!




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