Monochromatic outfits (i.e.-single color outfits) are always so chic and have an effortless vibe to them.  Since they are one seamless color from head to toe, they have the ability to make you appear taller and leaner as they create a long visual line.  They are always some of my favorites to wear on a daily basis as they are typically quick to pull together as long as you take a few little things into account when doing so.  Here are my tips for creating a perfect monochromatic outfit. 1.  Choose a Color You’re Comfortable In & Evaluate What You Have in Your Closet.

Choosing a color to base your outfit off of that makes you feel comfortable is key.  Be sure to choose a color that makes you feel confident.  Start pulling pieces from your closet from the same color family.  Evaluate if you have enough to comprise an entire outfit.  One easy place to start is with neutrals:  white, brown, navy, black, or gray.  These colors tend to lend you the most options when it comes to pairings.

2.  Choose Shades From The Same Color Family. 

Essentially, it goes without saying that when creating a monochromatic outfit, you should wear clothes that are the same color.  However, exact tones don’t need to match.  In fact, I wouldn’t really worry about it much at all.  Instead, go for clothes in the same color family.  Here I have varying shades of white, eggshell, cream, and nude in this monochromatic outfit.  The differing colors look intentional and work together despite not being the exact same shade of white.  In fact, your outfit will actually look better if it involves variations of the same color rather than a matchy matchy pairing of colors as it creates more visual interest.   Remember to also think about incorporating shoes into the outfit as well!


3.  Add Texture.

Texture is your best friend when creating a monochromatic outfit.  With the outfit is the same color family, without varying textures, the outfit has the potential to get a little boring.  In having textures vary, you ensure that your outfit has a little personality.  My denim white pants and cotton tee are completely upgraded by the added texture of the fur and studs on the bag.  Texture is what makes this outfit.  Look for denim, chiffon, leather, silk, suede, sequins,  wool, linen, textured fabrics, fur, and other pieces that have visual interest.

4.  Balance with Proportions.

This is a rule for every outfit.  Be sure your outfit has balance.  If you are wearing a looser top, as I am here, be sure to wear something closer fitting on the bottom.  Whereas, if you’re wearing a full skirt, be sure to pair it with a fitted top.  Balance & proportions when creating outfits is key.


5.  Add Visual Interest With Patterns.

If you feel as though your outfit could use a little added personality, don’t be afraid to add some print to your outfit using the color family that you’ve created your outfit from.  A beautiful scarf, printed shoe, or patterned top could all be fabulous ways to add interest to a monochromatic outfit.   Monochromatic outfits make getting dressed in the morning a breeze (not to mention make you look insanely chic) as long as they are done with some intention.  Adding visual flare using varying shades of the same hue & texture, acknowledging proportions, and a splash of confidence are sure to skyrocket your look to result in compliments!  Have you tried wearing monochromatic outfits?  What are your thoughts on them?

|  Fur:  Revolve  |  Denim:  Paige  |  Heels:  Louboutin (similar for less here)  |  Handbag:  Valentino  |  Sunnies:  Karen Walker  |




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