Wearing white before Memorial Day can be seen as oh so taboo! In actuality, white is seasonless. You see, its best not to follow the rules (well at least fashion rules) at times. White is so chic and wearing it in thoughtful ways during the late winter/early spring season can feel so fresh.Weaaring white during this time of year can be done well if these simple tips are followed: 
1. Choose some amazing white denim. 

White jeans can go so wrong if the Wong ones are chosen. Ideally, your white denim should have a thicker denim fabric to them. Thinner versions may need the pockets removed in order to eliminate and lumps and bumps that they may create. In addition, finding a pair with around 2% spandex is key. I swear it’s the number that turns them into flawlessly fitting pairs. Furthermore, finding a pair that grazes your ankle bone is best as they look as stunning with heels and flats as they do with ankle booties. These types are truest seasonless. 

2. Pair white denim with cold weather pieces or fabrics. 

It’s all in what you pair your denim with. Perfection is pairing it with at least one winter piece. I mean think wool sweaters, fur pieces, ankle booties. These items really help to transition the white to this time of year. 

3. Think monochromatic but vary your textures. 

Ensambles where you pair in a monochromatic fashion, look best when there are different textures to your look. Here I’ve included denim, linen, fur, lace and leather in a similar color way.  Texture truely is key to a fashion forward look. 

4. Layer. 

During this time of the year layers are your best friend. They allow you to easily transition from the cold mornings to the moderate afternoons with ease. They also really make your white denim looks like it’s appropriate. Here, I’ve layered a long sleeve tee, blazer & fur scarf. Layers make everything look a little more planned and cohesive. 

What are your favorite ways to wear white denim at this time of the year?



|  Blazer:  J.Crew (this year’s version here)  |  Skinnies:  Paige  |  Heels:  Banana Republic (sold out; these are nearly identical)  |  Stole:  Zappos  |  Handbag:  Vintage Chanel  |


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