Every year we make some purchases that are absolutely amazing.  They are driving forces in our wardrobe.  They are items that we wish we could wear every day.  Items that we feel amazing in.  These are the items that I consider my best purchases of 2016.

1. & 2. Best Handbags:  Chanel Jumbo & Louis Vuitton Pouchette Metis (Tie)

The Chanel Jumbo entered my wardrobe in February and never really left my side since.  It’s incredibly versatile and looks as stunning with jeans as it does with a dress.  It adds glamour to every single outfit that it is paired with. It makes my heart sing just picking it up & I honestly have to tell myself to put it down and give another handbag a chance to see the light of day.  It’s the best purchase I’ve made this year!

The Louis Vuitton Pouchette Metis entered my wardrobe in January of 2016.  I really liked it when I called Louis Vuitton’s customer service and was able to have them track down the last one in country at the time for me (they were backordered & incredibly rare for a while this year).  However, I never imagined my love for it would grow to what it is now.  I’m not big on monogram prints but this one just works.  It’s in a small dosage of monogram & the crossbody option really adds versatility to it.  I’m still shocked every time I pack it for the day as it fits so very much.  It’s a bag I reach for time and time again.  It’s suited my lifestyle well!

3.  Best Sandals:  Loeffler Randall Luz

I knew from the minute I ordered these sandals we would be smitten with one another.  The lace up detailing and tassels were just about all my heart could take.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sandal I love nearly as much as these.  I wore them with pants, skirts, and dresses all Spring & Summer long.  I loved them so much in fact that I actually purchased them in black as well (though those didn’t see the wear that these nude ones did).  While they do take a few extra minutes to put on in the morning, they are worth every extra second.  You can rest assured I will be wearing them again this next Spring with a smile on my face!

4.  Best Flats:  Chanel Ballerinas

These flats are an investment, don’t get me wrong.  However, they have essentially been the only flats I reach for over and over again throughout the year.   I adore the light pink version that came out during Spring 2016 & the gold version that was part of the Fall 2016.  They are comfortable and timeless.  Honestly, I just don’t feel as special in nearly any other flats.  I will be wearing these for decades to come.

5.  Best Boots:  Christian Louboutin Chelsea Boots

I purchased these boots on a whim in November.  I initially thought I was being irrational because who purchases Louboutins where the heel is so low that you can barely even see the red sole?!  I mean, it’s not what you would typically purchase from the brand.  However, I had been hunting for chelsea boots that I liked for months.  These were the only ones that made me take a second look.  Now that I own them (and have worn them more than twice a week since I purchased them), I have no idea what took me so long.  The thing about lower heeled Louboutins is that YOU know you have something special on so it elevates your mood.  These kind of lower heels aren’t really for anyone but you.  However, when you know that you are wearing them (because you love them so very much), you walk a little taller and smile a little brighter.

6.  Best Shorts:  One Teaspoon Bandits:

I haven’t been much of a shorts person since college when I was convinced that everything had to be super short or incredibly tight.  In fact, most short shorts made me feel as though I looked like a borderline street walker (LOL).  These didn’t.  The varying length on them helps to elongate your legs while still making you feel covered.  I sized up a size in order to make sure that they weren’t tight whatsoever.  I never thought I would love shorts like I love these.

7.  The Perfect Blazer:  J.Crew

If it’s one thing J.Crew does really well, it’s blazers.  I immediately had heart eyes the second I saw it.  I purchased faster than I could finish a sentence regarding how much I loved it.  I then wore it to everything from weekend looks (shown above) to work.  It was a wardrobe staple for me that saw endless styling opportunities.

8.  The Perfect Cardigan:  360 Cashmere (this year’s version here)

For my birthday, my husband and I went to Santa Barbara.  I found an adorable boutique that stocked up on the most adorable pieces of cashmere.  After attempting to tell myself no to many pieces, I came across this cardigan in a blush pink and I was unable to walk away.  I wore it for months on end and finally purchased it in gray as well!  Cashmere cardigans are a weakness of mine but, let’s be honest, what’s better than wrapping up in a cardigan that feels like a blanket?!

9.  The Best Top:  Rebecca Taylor (adore this version)

This lace top is one of the prettiest little pieces in my closet.  The attention to detail is superb.  The lace is intricate and the silk is heavenly.  While I purchased this back in January, I maintain that this is one of the best tops in my closet.  In fact, while it is no longer available, Rebecca Taylor always pays exceptional attention to details and is a go to for amazing intricate pieces.

10.  The Best Sunnies:  Karen Walker Super Duper

These sunnies are seen on so many people.  In fact, when I purchased them, I worried that since everyone had them, they were played out.  I tried them on and they covered a multitude of sins on my no makeup face.  These sunnies make you feel like a movie star.  Their shape is so flattering and the tortoise shell is timeless.  As much as I try to love other pairs, these have become my go to pair this year.


While 2016 brought a lot of new items to my wardrobe, those were by far my 10 favorite purchases of 2016.  What were some of your favorite purchases that you’ve made this past year?




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