As of now, I’m sure you’ve heard that Nordstrom is having their HUGE ANNIVERSARY SALE!  I’m also positive you’re aware by now that this sale is unlike any other.  It is not the run of the mill end of season marked down items that no one wanted.  It is brand new, never before released items for the coming season all on sale.  Now, these are only temporary price cuts that only last until August 8th when prices go back up to normal.  Currently, you have to be cardholder to purchase (you can sign up for their debit card or credit card now and gain access today though if desired).  The sale does go public on Friday, however, I wouldn’t wait for it as MANY items are already selling out.

Early yesterday morning I finally brought myself to decide upon what exactly I wanted from the sale.  I began attempting to add some items to my cart only to discover that they were out of my size (Nordstrom does restock frequently during the sale so check back often though) or I wasn’t sure what size to order on other items because I was in between sizes on the charts.  That being said, I knew a trip to the motherland was in order.  Now, it pains me to admit that the nearest Nordstrom is about 2 hours from my house.  It is a tragedy.  However, I am currently on vacation and had the luxury of time on my side to do a little extra shopping/traveling to visit the beloved #NSALE yesterday.  I thought it might be helpful for you all to see what I tried on, my thoughts on them, and what I ultimately went home with.  I apologize for the iPhone photos ahead of time.  I will more than likely end up doing another order online and then styling all of my purchases soon!

Without further ado, here are my dressing room diaries:


I knew before I entered into the doors of Nordstrom that I was after this “leather” jacket or the Mackage leather one.  I actively scouted out both.  I ultimately decided to save the $400 and go with this one.  Both were amazing quality.  However, when I went to approach this one, I had actually thought that it was the more expensive one.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was the less expensive, under $60, leather jacket of my dreams.  I cannot wait to wear this over feminine dresses, with white pants, or distressed denim and a girly top.  I was in between an xs and small but ultimately decided that the small gave me more movement and room for layering.

Verdict:  Welcome Home!

Madewell Ex-Boyfriend Shirt:

This black and white top is so soft that it is honestly comparable to a Rails shirt (which my store didn’t have :().  It was beautiful in a size small worn here.  It was the only size left.  I would have liked to try on an xs.  However, once half-tucked, I fell in love with it.  I honestly thought I had this pattern shirt already at home so I felt guilty purchasing it.  Well, I got home only to find that I didn’t have anything comparable in my closet but my husband did.  haha I guess the name of the shirt is appropriate.  I feel like an idiot for leaving it & will be stalking the site until it comes back so I can purchase it.

Verdict:  Depressed that I left it at the check stand.


I’ve been on the hunt for a green fatigue shirt for quite a while.  For some reason, most of them never fit the bill.  The second I touched this shirt, I knew I was done for.  It’s soooooo soft.  The associate that checked me out at the end of the trip even commented that it was buttery soft.  I wanted a looser fit so I sized up to a small.  It’s so reasonable.  I think I’ll order the white and gray soon too as I know that they will be fantastic with everything from work pants to shorts to leather pants in the fall.

Verdit:  Welcome Home!

Ruffled Top:

This pink blouse has super cute ruffles on the front.  I’m wearing an xs here.  It was adorable but I felt as though that area of my closet (pink ruffly things) was pretty well rounded out already and I really didn’t need another one.

Verdict:  Stayed.


This little white dress was so cute and would be perfect for a variety of occasions.  I am wearing a small here.  It fit beautifully & even has an attached slip.  However, I have had a penchant for white dresses this season and have purchased far too many that look similar to it.  If I didn’t already own so many, it would have come home.

Verdict:  Stayed.


I adored these.  They are soft, super stretchy, the rips hit in just the right places and they are just perfect.  I was trying to stay in budget and felt that I had denim that was similar already.  However, I have no idea why I didn’t purchase them considering when I got home I remembered that my favorite pair of distressed denim is on it’s last leg.  I found them true to size.

Verdict:  Will more than likely be ordering online.


This was perfect:  soft, super long, cuddly, pretty well made for the $30 price.  However, I’m sure you’ve noticed I love a good cardigan & already own way too many (must be the teacher in me).  I purchased a nearly identical one last year and felt that I didn’t need a duplicate.  This one is a gem though and I honestly am considering other colors.

Verdict:  Stayed but LOVED.


I had been eyeballing this online.  It’s well constructed and a definite statement maker.  It would look great as worn above or with a dress or with an all monochromatic outfit to break it up.  I loved the print.

Verdict:  Stayed.


Do you all have those items that are just your kryptonite?  Well, cashmere sweaters are that for me. I can’t get enough.  It must be a texture/tactile issue with me.  They are so soft that once I touch them I am done for.  My store only had this in a small.  I probably would do even better in an xs.  However, I really love oversized sweaters and fell in love with this one once slightly tucked.  It’s soft and delightful.  I held it in my clutches until the last possible second when I made the decision to behave myself and leave it because I already purchased one cashmere sweater this weekend.  That being said, it is such a good deal for it and I am genuinely annoyed that I left it and will more than likely end up purchasing it.  It was just MAGICAL and I just feel DUMB AS CAN BE for leaving it at Nordstrom

Verdict:  HEARTBROKEN that I left it.  Will probably order soon!


These are probably my favorite thing that I purchased.  My store didn’t have the correct size (I found them true to size) so we had to order them online while I was there (Now, I just have to see if they ship…I’m horrified at the possibility of them canceling it due to fulfillment issues.).  I will be so excited when they arrive in the mail.  They are under $60 and are cute and comfortable…what more could a girl ask for?!

Verdict:  Welcome Home…On Order/In the Mail.


These loafers gave my heart eyes galore online.  I was so excited to have them!  They were in my online cart but I honestly didn’t know what size to order.  I tried them on in store and ultimately decided that they were true to size to slightly big.  (If in doubt, order your regular size and add heel grips if they are slightly big.)  They look like a very expensive designer pair and are cute as a button!  They are such a great deal!

Verdict:  Welcome Home!


This little leopard bag was so cute.  I adored the detailing.  It looks so similar to a Chloe handbag but for far less.  I *ALMOST* purchased it.  However, my handbag collection has gotten to be rathe extensive in the past few years and I genuinely had to ask myself if I would pick it up over some of my other handbags.  Sadly, I left her at Nordstrom because I didn’t feel that I would give her the attention that she deserved….but I LOVED IT!

Verdict:  Stayed.  I know someone else will give her more love than I can.

I hope this little dressing room diaries was helpful!  I had fun going in and trying on all of my lovely picks from the sale.  It’s so hard to narrow down all of the great things in the sale so I hope this helped!  If you have any sizing or other questions regarding the items feel free to ask here, on Instagram or on Snapchat…I’ll be sure to answer!

Be sure to check back in later on this week for more sale picks and view my previous picks here!






  1. July 19, 2016 / 8:50 am

    I love seeing how items fit “IRL”. I scooped up that BP cardigan and after hearing so many great reviews I’m even more excited to get it in the mail!

    • aarbrun@gmail.com
      July 19, 2016 / 8:52 am

      Ahhh thanks! It always helps to know what to expect when you get items! I think you’ll love the cardigan…great quality for the price!:)

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