One of my favorite things to do during Summer is spend some time in the pool.  I’ve always been a water baby.  My love of water started early in my childhood with Summers spent at the pool and picnics with my family in the adjacent park daily.  It followed with my first job.  By that I mean, my first job (which ended up lasting the first 7 years of my working life) was as a lifeguard and swim instructor.  Since then, I have spent many summer days enjoying the sunshine and water.  There is just something so relaxing and blissful about spending a day outside enjoying it all.

All that explained, you can bet your bottom dollar that swimwear is something fun for me to purchase as I live in it at least one day out of the weekend during the Summer months.  When I saw this swimsuit at it’s under $20 price point, I knew I had to tell you all about it.  The detail on this suit is so fun!  I honestly want to order the black version asap!  It’s so good and so very affordable!

You may have noticed my big pink friend in these pictures.  Honestly, I scouted so many stores looking for this fella!  I had finally given up hope on finding him after searching in about 5 stores.  Luckily my sweet husband found one for me and brought it home as a surprise!

Random fact:  I’m pretty flamingo obsessed when it comes to summer.  I’ve purchased ice cubes for our drinks that are flamingo shaped & last year was even able to find a towel!  I guess it all stems from the fact that they are one of the fanciest birds (and let’s face facts…their hot pink color)!

Also, speaking of pink things, as promised to some of you yesterday, the pink pointed toe loafers featured on Snapchat are available here & are under $70!

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| Flamingo Float |  Bikini Top (under $20!; also love this top)  |  Bikini Bottoms (under $15!)  |  Sunnies:  Karen Walker  |


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