It’s no secret that designer items have a special place in my heart.  I have been collecting them for about ten years now and am in love with so many of them!  Today, I thought it might be helpful to walk through the five favorites that are currently in closet.  Below, I’m listing what items made my top five designer pieces in my closet list and explaining why I love each of the five.  Hope this is helpful in helping you to determine which ones are worthy of being on your wishlist!

 1.  The Michele Watch:  

This is by far the most worn designer piece in my closet.  I have literally worn it every single day since I’ve purchased it a few years ago.  It’s a complete classic.  My firm belief is that if you have nothing else luxury, you should invest in a watch!  It is the one thing you will rarely take off, it goes with every outfit, and you will have it for decades to come!

2.  The Blush/Nude Louboutins:

If there’s one heel in my closet that I wear more often than all of the others, it’s these.  These blush beauties will instantly dress up any outfit.  If you take care of them, they will last years to come!  They’re the perfect way to add a little something special to your outfit!

3.  The Saint Laurent Wallet on Chain:

This little transitional bag is the perfect way to add a high end designer bag for a little less.  This bag works very well as one of three things:  a wallet, a clutch, or a shoulder bag.  It easily changes to fit whatever outfit or event your tending to!  It’s a must have and incredibly versatile.  It’s one piece that I really treasure in my closet!

4.  Chanel Flats:  

These little ballerinas are addicting.  I never thought I would fall in far in love with them as I have.  They add class to any outfit and are incredibly comfy too!  They’re honestly the best flats I’ve ever owned.  The leather is like butter and they are statements that will last you a decade if you take care of them!

5.  Chanel Jumbo (this one is an amazing price!):

This model of bag from Chanel is by far my favorite.  It’s the perfect size to hold your everyday necessities.  It is a classic.  If you haven’t noticed all of these designer pieces that are my faves are CLASSICS.  I don’t spend money on trends in the designer realm.  It’s smarter (in my humble opinion) to invest in those statements that you will have for a LONG time!  Anyway, this bag is exactly that.  If I had to get rid of all of my handbags, the Chanel Jumbo would be the one that stayed with me.  It will last you a lifetime with proper care.




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