Fall has officially begun and if you’re anything like me, you’re stuck in warmer weather while lusting after cooler temperatures.  Furthermore, you’re probably pretty excited at the mere thought of creating your Fall boot collection!  Boots are my favorite part of Fall…aside from the cooler temps, layers, lattes, and pumpkins!  They give our outfits so much style and are such a big part of our Fall wardrobe that I thought they deserved a post of their own!  Below I’ve listed the five boots that you need for the season that I personally have in my own wardrobe!  Without further ado, here we go!

1.  The Flat Over the Knee Boot:


These boots are some of the most comfortable ones that I own.  I absolutely adore how they look with a chunky sweater and denim.  They are also stunning with dresses!  They are your boots that you’ll be able to walk a long ways in and add some serious style to any outfit that you pair them with!  These are a few years old but I did link the company’s newest pair for this year…they are stunning!  They are also 30% off through tonight with code:  FALL16.

2.  The Riding Boot:


The riding boot  is my fall staple.  They are easily the most worn boots in my closet.  Without fail, for the past few years, I have reached for them time and time again.  Just like your favorite flats, these go with EVERYTHING!  These are a few years old but I’ve linked the most updated version.  I am seriously lusting after them!  This classic shoe is perfect!

3.  The Heeled Suede Over the Knee Boot:


These heeled suede over the knee boots are seriously beautiful!  I purchased these last fall but I’m dying to wear them again!  They look so amazing with a chunk sweater or cape!  They also look so fabulous with dresses!  They dress up any outfit that I am wearing!

4.  The Cognac Bootie (option 1 & 2):

Believe me when I say that cognac booties are a must have in your closet.  They are a fantastic transitional piece that will carry you between the awkward weeks where Summer turns to Fall and the seasons can’t seem to decide on the weather!   They pair beautifully with dresses, white denim, black skinnies, skirts, and a slew of other options!  They are a HUGE favorite of mine!


These beauties (20% OFF WITH CODE:  SIGNATURE) are my favorites in my closet right now.  I cannot get enough of them!  I adore the side cutouts and the cognac leather is scrumptious!  They are so good that they might just be worthy of a backup pair!


These suede heeled booties are so so cute!  I am in love with the cutouts and the comfortable chunky heel gives me great height that I always lust after!  They are so comfortable that you could run in them if needed!  They’re sure to be faves in your closet!

5.  The Embellished Bootie (option 1 & 2):

These studded beauties arrived in my mailbox last year and I’ve loved them ever since.  I adore the studded details as they give an edge to any outfit that you pair them with.  While a statement, they are a classic and I know that I will still be wearing them five years from now.  Their easily my favorite in my closet!  If I could only have one pair of boots, it would be this pair!  Each pair is handmade in Los Angeles out of lambskin!  They are absolutely beautiful and a true work of art!   Every.  Single.  Time.  I wear these  I get stopped for someone or other to talk about how amazing they are!  These showstoppers are the best of the best.  I’m seriously evaluating my wardrobe so that I can also introduce the silver pair to my closet soon!


These fringe booties are so very fun!  They add some personality to an otherwise plain outfit.  Their understated statement is perfect for dresses and denim alike!  I love pairing mine with a fluffy Fall vest and neutrals!


Hope this guide was helpful!  Thank you so much for reading!




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