Picture this…or don’t picture it because you actually live it every single morning like I do:  You’ve enjoyed a few extra minutes of sleep and as a result have limited your time outfit planning.  You’re due to leave the house in five minutes and yet you don’t have an outfit pulled together quite yet.  Safe to say, you’re in a rush and need to be able to build an adorable compliment getting outfit with great ease.  (Honestly, I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to get better about this.  Planning outfits the night before is a HUGE goal that I hold, but I can’t quite seem to metastasize it quite yet.  All in good time, right?!)  In the meantime, I have quite the easy solution for you! Good outfits essentially boil down to a fail proof formula that help to elevate them from “okay…” to “Wow!”

Simply stated, your typical outfit comprises of two elements… (1) a top and  (2) a bottom or a dress and (3) shoes.  Easy right?!  Well, it can be safely stated that if you walked out of the house with just those three things on, your outfit might be cute, but it most likely doesn’t get much in terms of compliments.  With just that, there is a certain element missing.  Thankfully, it is incredibly easy to add on in the rushed hurried nature that is most of our mornings.  I guarantee this fix takes under 3 seconds to add onto your outfit and compliments geared towards your outfit will skyrocket.

It’s simple.  Take your normal top, bottom and shoes combo and add a completer piece.  What is a completer piece you might ask?  A completer piece is an item added to your outfit that might not necessarily be necessary but adds another layer and dimension to your outfit.  A completer piece is an item that is added in addition to the top/pants/shoes combination that you are already wearing.

Examples of such include:

Layering Clothing:  Blazers, Coats, Jackets, Vests, Shawls, Sweaters, Cardigans, Etc.

Accessories:  Hats, Belts, Statement Necklaces, Brooches, Bracelet Stacks, Scarves, etc.

In this outfit, I started with a simple blush pink sweater and boyfriend jeans with statement flats.  However, the outfit lacked some personality, so I employed the rule of the completer piece to elevate it.  I added this thin topcoat draped over my shoulders for added style.  I also scored a few bonus points by adding in a statement belt and doing a small tuck with my sweater to expose it.  This small change really took my outfit from basic to stylized in seconds.  The completer piece truly transforms the outfit and gives it added personality.

Next time your getting dressed in a rush, while you have a pair of pants and a top on, think of how you might add a completer piece to elevate your look to the next level.  Even the simple addition of a hat or a blazer as a completer piece can take your outfit from basic to fashionable in seconds.  What is your favorite completer piece to use?  Share the ways that you love to implement your completer pieces!



|  Coat:  Old Navy  (old; similar here)  |  Cashmere:  Vince (nearly identical here)  |  Denim:  Joes (see this post on how to find the perfect size for you)  |  Flats:  Valentino (affordable dupe here)  |  Handbag:  Valentino  |  Sunnies:  Chanel  |


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