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Last week, I started a special series that will be regularly posting on my blog, “The Handbag Diaries.”  Being the handbag aficionado that I am, this series is always something that I look for when purchasing new handbags, but rarely find.  It is my hope that this little series helps you to figure out what handbags are worth the money, which ones need to stay on the shelves, and which ones you simply cannot live without!  This week, I will be doing a review and what’s in my bag for the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mab handbag in neon yellow.


This bag is very structured.  It will stand on its own.  I’ve had mine for a year or two and it has not lost any shape whatsoever.  It is stiff and rigid.  It has only a fold over snap so if tipped over, things may fall out.  It’s able to be worn cross body.

Leather Quality:

It is made of textured leather.  It is not the most luxurious leather, but for the price tag it is acceptable.  Due to the textured leather, it is highly durable.  This leather will not scratch and is not a handbag that you need to worry about babying whatsoever.  I have not experienced any color transfer with it.


This bag can be worn in the hand or crossbody on the shoulder using the shoulder strap.  It is very easy to carry. It is perfect for a day of shopping or even an amusement park.  In my opinion, it is more difficult to dress up and looks best with more casual outfits.

What It Holds:

This bag is a small crossbody that doesn’t hold a ton.  It fit my Celine sunglasses (with a soft small case), Saint Laurent card holder,  Louis Vuitton Cles (for my keys),  iPhone, small hand lotion, powder and lipstick and had very little room left.  It will NOT fit a full size wallet.  In addition, a regular sunglass case would be an incredibly tight fit.  Furthermore, a makeup bag is out of the question with this bag.  It is a handbag that you have to choose what to take with you.  However, with the use of a card case, it is useable for daily use.


While I adore this handbag, and it has no real problems, she has since left my wardrobe and has moved onto a new home.  While I used to really enjoy bright bags, I feel as though I no longer reach for them.  Furthermore, because I have a taste for designer bags, I tend to reach for those over this one most days.  If I didn’t have designer handbags, I would purchase her again.

Hope you found this helpful!  Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about her!



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