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If you know me at all, you know I’m a handbag junkie.  I’ve been thinking of doing handbag reviews for those that come in and out of my handbag collection as I ALWAYS look up reviews of handbags that are on my wish list before a purchase them.  However, often times when I do so, I really struggle to find all of the information that I’m seeking about the handbag in question.  So, in response to that, I’ve decided to begin a handbag series!

First in the handbag series is this little orange beauty!

The Saint Laurent Small Classic Y Cabas Handbag is a wonderful buttery-leathered handbag that holds a ton.  Overall it is one handbag that I really enjoyed owning.  Here are the overall details of it:


This bag is pretty structured.  It will stand on it’s own.  However, over time, I could see this losing some of it’s shape.  When not in use, I always kept mine stuffed to eliminate this problem.  It has both a zip and a fold over snap for added security.  It’s able to be worn both cross body and on the shoulder making it even more secure.

Leather Quality:

It is made of calfskin.  It’s incredibly supple and buttery.  While it is not the most durable handbag in the world, it is also not one that you need to constantly worry about while carrying.  I would advise on keeping lighter colored versions of this away from light colored denim to prevent color transfer.  It will nick fairly easily if brushed up against a hard surface.  However, it is not as sensitive as lambskin.


This bag can be worn in the crook of your arm using the two double handles or on the shoulder using the shoulder strap.  It is very easy to carry.

What It Holds:

This bag has the power to hold  ton.  If fit my Prada sunglasses, Chanel eyeglasses, Saint Laurent card holder, Prada wallet, Goyard pouch (for receipts), Louis Vuitton Cles (for my keys), Louis Vuitton makeup bag, powder and lipstick and still had some room to grow.  It fit everything that I would need on the daily without any downsizing.


While I adore this handbag, and it has no real problems, she has since left my wardrobe and has moved onto a new home.  Her color was a little too outlandish for my wardrobe and she didn’t get used as much as she should.  That being said, if I purchased it again, it would be in a brown, blush pink, black, or burgundy.

Hope you found this helpful!  Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about her!



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