January brings with it many resolutions that will have long since dissipated.  The struggle to keep these resolutions, that we’ve made with the best of intentions, is very real.  Typically, by March, these said goals are a fleeting memory.

You may remember back in January that I explained how I would be having a no shopping year.  See this post here for full details.  You might be wondering, “How is that going?”  The answer is…actually very successfully.  I know, I’m shocked too.

Here are all the details.

Hall Pass 1/4:

Part of the stipulations include that I’m allowed four hall passes throughout the year.  In January, I used one of my hall passes on these mules.  I have wanted them for so long and was desperate to find them.  When I saw them on eBay for a significantly less price tag, I knew that I couldn’t pass them up.  They are exactly what a hall pass should be used for.  I think I would have been moved to tears if I was unable to purchase them after attempting to hunt them down for so long.

 I must admit that this is (by far) the easy section of the year to emerge from.  You see, these past few months contained a very special little section of the no shopping rules (view them here):  my birthday.  You see, in the rules, I stipulated that my birthday would be a free day where I would be able to purchase what I wanted.  I definitely made that birthday stipulation worth it.

Birthday Gifts:

My sweet husband surprised me with these for my birthday.  I’m completely smitten.  Go a half size up from your normal Italian sizing in them.  I’m always an 8 and a 39 fits perfectly.

What I Purchased on My Birthday Shopping Day:

These Gucci-inspired mules from the outfit post earlier this week were a no brainer for me.

These blush pink loafers screamed my name the second that I saw them in Saks.  I’m always an 8 and purchased a 38.5 in them.  I wish I had them in more colors.  They’re perfect.

My husband may have created an addiction with the pair of flats that he purchased me.  I wore them to the city and fell in love with them so much so that when I found this gold version in store, I had to make them mine.

Using birthday money, I also purchased the blazer & graphic tee from this outfit.  In addition, with birthday money, I purchased this pair of pink trousers.

I guess you might say my birthday was a huge slice of freedom for me from the shopping ban.  However, I must admit, shopping again for my birthday did ignite something within me that has made returning to not shopping incredibly difficult.  I’ve felt very tempted to throw the whole idea out the window lately.  I’ve really struggled with identifying when something should be one of my four (now only three) hall passes for the year.  It’s rather difficult for me to watch all of the spring clothing lines come out in their adorable blush shades and not purchase anything.  I must admit, I’ve had a bit of fear of missing out on amazing spring pieces.  However, at this moment, I am trying my best to maintain motivation.  Granted, this all may sound preposterous to you after I have showcased the plethora of items that were given to me (or purchased by me) for my birthday.  I completely acknowledge that.  However, know that this little lifestyle change has been huge for the girl that came home to nearly a package a day for the past few years.  Thus, coming home to no new sparkly things on the doorstep has been a shift indeed.

A few notions that I have taken from the shopping ban so far are the following:

  1.  I’ve been surprised that I haven’t gotten bored with the clothing in my closet yet.  In fact, there are still a few outfits that I am dying to wear that I haven’t had to the chance to do so yet.  I was convinced that by this point in the year I would be completely tired of the clothing I had.  I guess this just goes to show how much I might need this challenge.
  2. I have now fully identified that I tend to shop emotionally.  Days where I’ve had a tough day are the days where I tend to really want to purchase something new.  So far, distracting myself with a walk around the vineyard, a book, a bubble bath, or various other tasks have kept me from doing so.
  3. Instagram really makes me want to purchase new items.  It’s not the easiest to see everyone rocking the cutest top and not be able to purchase it.
  4. I have a shoe obsession.  I’m sure you noticed a pattern above as to what I used my hall pass on and what I spent my birthday money on.  Shoes, shoes, and more shoes.  It’s kind of hilarious that I would rather purchase a pair of shoes than another component of an outfit.  I think I just view them as more versatile than pieces of clothing.  I’m going to try to remind myself of how much I’m emphasizing shoes with hall passes 2, 3, and 4.
  5. I’m can’t imagine doing this until January.  I will persist for now.  I am hoping that I’m able to work through this, but I also feel as though I’m slightly missing out on not being able to shop.  Perhaps changing it to purchasing one item per month might be more realistic as the year goes on?!  Time will tell.  For now, I am not shopping for the year and 3 more hall passes exist.
  6. I wonder if the mailman thinks I’ve moved now that deliveries have minimized.  haha!
  7. It pains me to write this but, this lack of shopping is harder than I had imagined. There have been days where I really wanted to use all of my hall passes and then some at once.

Thanks for sharing this over exposed, personal, somewhat ridiculous journey with me.  Stay tuned to find out more of where this journey leads.  I know I’m curious to see how this year pans out (and I’m the one living it! haha).





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  1. March 28, 2017 / 3:40 am

    I think what you’re trying to do is awesome- I totally empathize with you (and being an emotional shopper)! You’ve learned so much already!

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