The older I get the more I find myself longing for classic pieces that will stand the rest of time in my wardrobe. No longer do I find happiness in items that are trendy and will be outdated next season. I honestly am like a moth to a flame with classic pieces that I know will be amazing year after year and will stand the test of time. 

Most days, my main goal when getting dressed is to look chic. In my eyes, trendy is never really chic. Chic, in my humble opinion, is really truest mastered when someone is able to transcend time with their wardrobe. In all honesty, being chic  means that you will rarely (if ever) look back at photos of today when you are old with your grand babies huddled around you and wonder, “What the heck was I wearing?!” 

One way of achieving this is by structuring your wardrobe based off of classic basics made of great fabrics.  This sweater & these boots are pieces such as this. They are timeless. These types of pieces help to guarantee that you’ll always look stylish & impeccably dressed. My wardrobe goal as of the past year or so has been to collect more of these types of pieces and in turn develop a wardrobe/look that is able to truest transcend time.  

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| Cashmere Turtleneck: Ann Taylor | Denim: Joes | Boots: Christian Louboutin | Handbag: Saint Laurent (this season’s version here) |


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