I’m not sure how the weather is where you live, but here in California, the weather can’t seem to make up their mind.  Last week were were in the 50s and this week we are in the 80s.  However, most mornings begin in the 30s.  That being said, with these constant shifts in temperature, dressing can be slightly difficult!  There are two keys for dressing during this change in the seasons:  checking the weather and layering.

  1. Trade your boots for flats/heels.

With the changes in temperature, boots can be too warm for this season.  It’s time to return to flats/heels.  Your feet won’t freeze in the morning and your feet will thank you during the warmer afternoon weather.

2.  Trade your heavy coat for a light trench.

Gone are the wintery days of heavy coats.   In an effort to deal with the temperature changes, a light trench will be your best friend.  It easy packs with you and is the perfect weight for those chilly mornings or evening breezes after the sun sets.  It’s something that I consistently have with me during the Spring months.

3.  Accessories are key.

Add a scarf for the morning/evening hours to help keep you warm.  It’s an easy layer that can easily be removed as the day goes on.  In the afternoon, you can change it for a statement necklace to add a little personality to your look instead.

4.  Add a pop of color.

Spring means  adding color back into your wardrobe.  I adore adding color with my accessories.  A bright bag or fun shoe is always a win in my book for Spring.

5.  Layer in Thin Layers.

Thin, light layers will be your friend during this month.  Instead of wearing a heavy sweater, opt for one that is featherweight.  Opt for a light jacket over a thick wool one.  Layering in multiple thin pieces will allow you to transition as the weather changes without the day with greater ease.  Here, I’ve opted for a thin sweater, thin trench coat, and scarf.  While this is something that I would wear in the morning/evening, throughout the day, this look lends itself easily to removing layers and still looking stylish.

|  Handbag:  Vintage Chanel  |  Stole:  Banana Republic  (old; similar here)  |  Denim:  Joes  |  Top:  Equipment  |  Trench:  Burberry(nearly identical for much less here)  |  Flats:  Christian Louboutin  (look for less here)  |

What are some of your favorite tips for dressing for the transition from Winter to Spring?




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