Top 5 Designer Handbags To Own & Why

We all have our vices.  Some people enjoy fancy cars, others enjoy eating lavish meals, some find their pulse quickening at the sight of a casino.  I, however, find myself developing major heart eyes for handbags.  In my opinion, they are the key to elevating any outfit to the next level.  They are the final detail, but most often, one of the most important ones.  I am incredibly particular about which handbags I allow into my wardrobe.  They are my investment pieces… if I’m investing, I want to ensure that I do it well.  If I had to pair my handbag collection down tomorrow, these are the most important styles.

1.  The Classic Shoulder Bag:

(Chanel Jumbo —- Less Expensive Version Here)

Every wardrobe needs a good classic shoulder bag that can be worn just about anywhere.  What I love most about these bags is that they look as stunning for brunch with your girlfriends as they do for an afternoon wedding.  They are the most versatile handbag in your wardrobe!  If I had to give up all my handbags but one, this one is most likely the one that I would keep as it has the most wearability.

2.  The Structured Tote:

(Saint Laurent Matelasse Tote)

(Celine Phantom)

The structured tote is your key to elevating an outfit.  It gives a super casual outfit a dressier vibe.  It creates a chic feel to the average jeans and tee.  It fits the world inside it and yet it feels as though it could be as ready for an important meeting at work as it does for play on the weekends.

3.  The Unstructured Tote:

(Goyard tote —– Love this less expensive version here)

This bag is your workhorse bag.  It’s the bag that makes you feel like Mary Poppins.  Everything under the kitchen sink fits under it.  I use mine most often for long days at work where I know I need my laptop, notebooks, and a change of shoes (a girl can only wear heels for so long while she’s running back and forth trying to accomplish a million tasks).  This bag is the one in my wardrobe that receives the most wear.

4.  The Crossbody:

(Gucci Disco Soho—-similar here for less)

Crossbody handbags are amazing!  They allow you to be handsfree and add a certain element to your outfit that no other type of handbag can because they actually seem to morph into being part of your outfit.  I love them most for shopping and weekend shenanigans!

5.  The Clutch:

(Saint Laurent Wallet on Chain)

This is the chicest little handbag of your wardrobe.  She’s the one that will take you from that fancy dinner on the town with your hubby, to a friend’s wedding, and finally, to a date night dressed in heels and jeans.  She’s the cute little handbag that you can throw under your arm with ease.  She doesn’t fit much but for those nights you don’t need much anyway!  The clutch is one of my faves to wear!

In the future I plan to do individual handbag reviews discussing wear & tear, what fits inside, and overall thoughts on them.

I hope this helps you when making your next handbag purchase!




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