My favorite fall items are all in this very outfit:  cashmere sweaters, hats, and booties.  These three things epitomize Fall itself to me.

-Cashmere sweaters make you want to cozy up with a cup of hot cocoa.  They feel as soft as pajamas and yet are so very pulled together.

-Hats for fall are just perfection.  They cover up the worst hair days and give you a little extra sleeping time in the morning without looking like you slept in at all.  They are just so easy.

-Booties are some of my favorite things in my closet in general.  They have the ability to take an outfit to the next level.  These studded ones are such favorites of mine that I actually own both the silver and the gold.  I’m utterly obsessed.  I know what you’re thinking … they’re investments.  That being said, when I couldn’t get enough of my gold pair last year, I knew that I would love and adore a silver pair just as much. I can rest assured that they will be worn abundantly all Fall, Winter (and quite possibly Spring long too!).

I wore this outfit to the movies with my hubby a few weeks ago but it would be completely perfect for an afternoon at the pumpkin patch or sipping coffee at Starbucks with your girlfriends.

Thanks for reading!



img_2658 img_2686 img_2678 img_2663 img_2679 img_2664

|  Sweater:  Joie (old; nearly identical here)  | Denim:  Joes (Fit:  True to size) |  Boots:  Anine Bing  (also here)  |  Hat:  Banana Republic  |


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