Hello Lovelies!

I’m not sure if I’ve said this on here before, but weekend clothes are seriously my favorite.  There’s something about throwing on my favorite distressed denim that makes my heart so very happy.  I feel most like myself in my weekend clothes.  Are any of you like that?

Anyway, one of my favorite weekend looks (that I’m sure you’ve noticed if you’ve been following along here for a while) is a good pair of distressed denim and a blazer.  In fact, I love that combination so much that there are examples of it in this post, this post, and this post just to name a few!  This blazer is one of the best that I own!  It’s so good that I have purchased both colors and have been wearing them like crazy (evidence in this post here and here)!  The sweater like material is so comfortable but it has the structure similar to a blazer that screams chic!  It’s a piece that honestly if it came in multiple colors, I would own them all!  Even though it’s currently backordered, it is so worth ordering! This blazer also looks so cute paired with a dress or dress slacks for work!  It’s a true staple/chameleon piece for your wardrobe.



img_2313 img_2306 img_2341 img_2326 img_2322 img_2308 img_2343| Sweater Blazer:  J.Crew  (Fit:  Oversized; I’m in my regular size xs here)  | Tee:  Madewell (Fit:  Size up for a boyfriend fit like I’m wearing here; I’m in a medium)  | Denim:  Joes (Fit:  True to size) |  Shoes:  Chanel | Handbag:  Chanel |  Glasses:  Chanel  |


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