I have debated starting my own blog for quite a long time.  Everyday, I search my favorite fashion blogs, Instagram & Pinterest as I drink my morning coffee.  Oftentimes, I then head into my closet with my mind full of inspiration to pick my outfit of the day.  Getting dressed has to be one of my favorite parts of the seemingly menial morning routine.  For me, looking into my closet is like looking at a blank canvas deciding what to paint.  All of your creative juices start to flow.  You can make yourself whoever you would like to be.  Clothes have the ability to tell the world so much about you and have the power to effect your psyche in so many ways.  The right outfit can convey a sense of confidence within oneself like nothing else can.  My daily goal is to find an outfit within my closet that makes me feel amazing and a little bit out of the ordinary.  This blog will serve as a journal of my fashion choices, wishes, and dreams.  Thanks for reading!




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